2016 Update: Understand And Exist In The Energy Of This Age

Unless you’re a hermit with no access to technology, it’s pretty obvious that things are really polarized right now. Turmoil and strife appear to be lurking around every public corner. And many people’s personal lives and relationships seem to be filled with confusion, frustration, anger and discord.  So what is going on? Well, my guides and I are here to help illuminate what is happening and how to move forward. I received this information in both a vision and a consecutive download. 

I’ll begin with the background, in case you aren’t aware. In 2012 humanity as a whole, left a period called the Age of Pisces. Although the end of this age wasn't supposed to occur until 2160, I am told the majority of humanity elected to manifest the early shift. 

The Piscean age was all about aspects of the Mind. There was a drive to succeed within parameters that focused on power, hierarchy, and success through structure. It was also a time of great knowledge through obtaining information, technology, and hard science. Though often, the focus to acquire that knowledge was derived with little forethought into the totality of its effect. This is because the mind ruled, with minimal focus on connection nor interconnectedness. Much of our knowledge was directed by organizations and people of power.

Toward the end of 2012, we entered into a new period, the Age of Aquarius. (I know. That song pops into my head every time I hear those words too. lol) This age will be all about aspects of the Heart. With this new age, comes a vastly different set of parameters which will focus on love, unity, and success through integrity. This will be a time of great wisdom and spirituality. Information, technology, and science will advance during this new age with forethought and awareness of connection and interconnectedness. Our wisdom will come from within, as will an understanding of the oneness of all things.

The unrest began long before 2012, with the impending current age. My guides explain that all shifts in humanity’s maturation begin prior and extend into the next period because we require massive adjustments during these times. 

So, where are we now? Well, many of us are still experiencing growth pains. I am shown that many of the aspects of the Piscean Age must be released to move forward with ease into the Aquarian Age. (That said, we must retain the knowledge from that age so that we can merge it later on.) Aquarius is an age of Heart and feelings. We must be willing to release aspects of the Mind that are no longer viable nor needed. I am told that a good place to start is to honor our feelings. By this, they mean to do what makes us feel good. If it makes you truly happy, do it. If it brings you immense joy, repeat it often. If it feeds your soul in any way, make it a regular thing in your life. They say our emotions and intuition are our compass. And this compass will direct our path flawlessly during this age.

Why are so many of us caught in a negative loop? My guides have shown me that many of people have chosen to cling to the old age itself or its aspects that no longer have a place in this age. In doing so, they are creating a rift within themselves. And instead of releasing control, embracing change and being guided by the heart (which will heal that rift with love), they allow confusion, fear, frustration, anger and rage within it. Those negative states of being are permeating them. And when full, they must eject them in one way or another — be it a trickle, flow, cyclonic action or explosion. For those people whose rifts are extreme and connectedness is weak, they choose for their ejections to affect others in dramatic and devastating ways. 

What can we do to help ourselves and others adjust to the shift? My guides show me that we must begin to live in positive states of being (we currently know these to be emotions, but they are much more). The more we choose to live in love, joy, happiness, peace, compassion, empathy, etc... The more we are able to connect to Source/God/All because it is in those states of being that we are truly connected. Offering these states of being to another, also allows them to connect to Source/God/All in that moment. And it is in our very nature to then pass that experience on to yet another person. The longer we maintain these states, the more our friends and family can as well. Can you see how this works? Start small. Retrain yourself in your daily life and interactions. Choose to live in positive states of being during as much of your day as you can. Eventually, it will become your new normal. In doing so, you will inspire those around you to choose this as their preferred existence as well. And although it appears dark right now, there is hope. We choose the future we wish to create by taking actions accordingly. It all starts with us and the choices we make. I am shown that living in our true states of harmony, eventually spreads like a beautiful wild fire around the world. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you found this post both useful and insightful. Please post any questions or related comments below. I love interaction! And I’m always down for topic suggestions for my blog and YouTube channel.

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So much love... Be the light in the world that you wish to see. Catch you next post!