An introductory teaser...

A bit about me... I'm a spiritual being having a human experience. Sound familiar? Then you're in the right place! 

Spiritual enlightenment and spiritual development are my passions. And I've been studying and exploring my spirituality since I was a small child. The first experience I can remember occurred when I was one. While in a cart in a grocery checkout line, I peered into an older hippy gentleman as he was smiling at me. I saw many dark, withered pieces that were nestled within his bright soul. And without judgment, had a clear knowing that they were gathered, not needed, nor were they a part of his natural essence. So the next time a baby looks deep into your eyes, you'll know they are actually looking deep into your soul. lol

Although that story pointed out one of my spiritual strengths, I will give you a few more: 

I am intuitive (psychic - but not like Miss Cleo!). I see and communicate with people who have shed this mortal form (medium - "I see dead people"). I have a lovely set of guides as best friends and teachers who are constantly answering my zillions of questions and bringing me closer to enlightenment through downloads, visions, channeling, spirit journeys, meditations, and general conversations. They really are the best. If you haven't yet met yours, I can help! Which brings me to my next bit of information... I am an Intuitive Consultant and Spiritual Development Coach. Yes! I'm living my passion and following my soul's purpose. If you aren't doing either of those, but are interested, my guides and I can definitely help get you on point. Check out my blog, and Facebook page, watch my YouTube videos (Bridget Renee Holliday) and if you vibe with me... Book a session. Otherwise, I'll be sharing as much information as I can. I mean, we all have to shine brightly in this world. That's part of our global purpose. So if I can help you do that, we're already on the right track... I mean timeline... no, track. lol

I receive so much information and am excited to share as much of it with you as is possible. I love interaction. So do hang out here, on my YouTube channel and my Facebook page. Feel free to leave me comments or questions below the blog posts and videos. I'm always game for blog and video topic suggestions shared spiritual stories and spiritual chats. It's about to get interesting on here. See you in the next post!

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Thank you for reading. So much love to you… See you in the next post!