A Teaser... Visions of the Future: Soul's Purpose

I listened to a YouTube video tonight where a prominent spiritual teacher and an interviewer discussed awakening. They spoke about many things, but at one point, the interviewer spoke about awakening to the darker aspects of government. He highlighted that it is people’s responsibility to awaken to these darker aspects and demand change. His co-worker alluded to her impression that this “global awakening” would happen regardless. The spiritual teacher then basically said that this “world awakening” is not set in stone. That if we don’t choose to awaken and seek change (in all aspects), we will be forced into an awakening by some sort of cataclysm or devastating series of events. So, the implications were… This change is up to you. You decide whether to open, awaken and expand. You determine Earth and humanity’s future. 

I somewhat agree with these statements and implications. However, there are always multiple paths which can be viewed at any given moment in time. And these paths can also be viewed from different angles. Due to visions I’ve received, I believe that people have been born into humanity whose life and soul purpose is to facilitate this very change. They are the “catalysts,” as my Guides term them. It is the main mission of these incarnated souls to facilitate awakening, opening, and expansion on a global level. These visions have led me to believe that this is the calling for a great many light bearers, light workers, energy healers, starseeds, mystics, shamans, spiritualists, etc. They are to be the awakening and opening Source energy for others. A jump start, if you will, for others to be able to see, understand and utilize this Source energy inside themselves. What do I mean by this? Well, it is the soul mission of millions of people to be an awakening force for others, who will then be an awakening force for millions of new people, until we number in the highest billions (and hopefully beyond). How does that happen? By raising our vibrational frequency above the mundane (matrix), while remaining in our flow. We are then able to help others awaken, open, and expand — just by existing in this higher vibrational frequency. One person who vibrates in love can raise the vibration of 100,000+ people — just by existing in that frequency. There is no need for this expanded person to even interact with the 100,000+ people. Although, interaction will expedite expansion. 

This interview conversation also brought me to another bit of information conveyed in these visions that discussed positive world change in the political arena, on a global scale. In this portion of my visions, sheer awakening and expansion brought about the positive world change that many of us are yearning for and fighting to create. As people awaken and expand, they choose different avatars in the political arena. And many of these awakened ones become the new political avatars themselves. It was shown to be a very organic change. (Meaning: no violence, nor fighting required. No struggle necessary.) By so many of us opening ourselves to more of our light, we make different choices. These choices are made from a higher vantage, and from different and wider perspectives. Thus our choices effect the mirrored reflection we see through our political systems. And I'll add that once expanded, the lures that lead to corruption and being corruptible are no longer viable, nor able to be leveraged.  

Stay tuned for the full story of these visions and a following call-to-action for all of you who resonate with these messages. 

And I will also add, if you read this and your interest was even slightly peaked, you are probably one of us. This is the purpose that so many of us have sought out. This is the reason so many of you are feeling a deep unrest and a deep desire for change in your everyday life.

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