Astrology: Touching on what it has given me

This post is a request from Nathaniel Suiter. As promised, I am delivering on my agreement to speak on Astrology. I decided that with a plethora of viable resources available to learn about Astrology, my experiences with it would be a more interesting read. lol However, if any of you desire that I expound upon the ins and outs of Astrology in detail, let me know in the comments. 

And so I begin…

Astrology is something I became interested in when I was in my late teens. For me, it was something that my Guides used to help me get to know myself and my friends on a deeper level. It also assisted in my understanding of people in general. This was and still is beneficial to my light work and ability to connect. Specifically with channeling and intuitive work, amongst other things, it gives me clarity with communication. Through the lessons of Astrology, I find the similarities in people and how they give and receive via communication. Astrology assists with an ability to say things in a way that each person can hear and relate to quickly. It often eliminates the need to say something in many different ways until it is accepted by the person with whom we are communicating. It also gives a clear path of the manner with which I deliver information from the Guides. And it enables a customized form of communication.

For me, Astrology is all about discovery. There’s the obvious self discovery, but it also serves as a study of humanity. It offers layers of aspects and archetypes that offer explanations of the whole person. It shows a myriad of pieces that create individuality, while still calling attention to the aspects that connect us all. 

Once I created the charts of a multitude of people, I began to see the connections with ease when interacting with others. It enabled me to know how to relate to them quickly. Though I’ll admit that I’ve not really had much difficulty in that department. lol Still, it has decidedly enhanced my ability to connect. And it has broadened and deepened my understanding of people and the things that make them tick. It has served as a great tool for the study of humanity. And I really enjoy understanding people at a core level. But it is also a great tool for glimpsing the growth of humanity as a whole. It puts things in perspective, by giving us the ability to forecast what will effect us intimately. And really, short of a crystal ball and a direct line to Source energy, this is a huge perk. lol 

At one point during my exploration of Astrology, I was guided to a numerology book. It is so amazing that I have never sought another place to research numerology. I highly recommend acquiring a copy of this book:  “Numerology and The Divine Triangle” by Javane/Bunker. This book uses the mystical father of mathematics, Pythagoras's, teachings. Yes, you read right. I said mystic. Pythagoras was a mystic. With this book, you can map out your entire life. I’ve found that utilizing numerology in conjunction with Astrology, I am able to get a complete picture of myself and others. And I highly recommend delving into the use of both tools, once you have a good understanding of one or the other. 

Nathaniel asked for a reference to get an accurate chart. I used to use (which had free and amazingly accurate charts), which then turned into Their site is so bogged down with information that finding the free chart selection has proved almost impossible for a long while. I still have my charts and found another site which delivers an accurate natal chart, as well as a great interpretation of each aspect. I recommend using: for your free natal charts. You can easily create a natal chart by clicking, “Create a new chart”. The only aspect I notice that is missing in the chart creation is the exact latitude and longitude of our birth place. But I found that the information is the same on the charts from this site (without that bit of information), as it was on (with that information). If you have a better site for free natal charts, feel free to comment that information along with your opinion of why it is better. I am always looking for ways to better my various forms of knowledge seeking. lolAnd sharing, is caring. Hahaha! ;) 

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