Being Spiritually Liberated!!

It’s time to start talking about more than our belongings, fashion, tv series and movies. So let’s talk about coming out of the spiritual closet. lol I know… Many of you are wondering why this is a topic I’m bringing up, again. I’ve spoken about “Being Authentic” in the linked video. Today I’m guided to bring this topic up, but discuss it more in depth. I’m going to touch on some subjects related to growing spiritually and what that can look like in your world. So, let’s discuss being spiritually liberated!  

Let’s say you’re curious, opening up to new spiritual concepts and practices. So many beautiful synchronistic situations pop up in your life as a result of the quest to find what “fits” with you. Keep an open heart and mind. Research and try on different aspects of spirituality that feel interesting. Focus on what brings you joy and happiness. And remember that it is absolutely normal and okay if you don’t resonate with 100% of the aspect you’re trying out. Accept and incorporate only what feels right for you. It is perfectly normal to blend bits and pieces of many different concepts and practices into your world. Just remember, if it doesn’t fit - don’t force it on yourself. Gone are the days where we settle for partial fits or uncomfortable portions of our spiritual practices. We no longer need to get our spirituality from what someone else says is the “right” way. We are in an age where each of us decides what is harmonic for ourselves. Yay!!

Like attracts like. You will begin to draw others to you who are also on similar paths during their spiritual journey. And I feel it is super important to remain open minded to their experiences and beliefs, while still maintaining discernment with what resonates with you. These are exciting times, where you are able to give and receive information and experiences freely without a need to hold back information during communication. But to do so, you will need to liberate yourself. Trust that you are always in the right place at the right time. Understand that there are no coincidences. Realize that whoever you speak to about your spirituality is supposed to hear what you have to say. And bear in mind that if your paths cross, regardless of their reaction to your interaction, it is meant to be. It is time to come out of the spiritual closet! lol

Be unabashedly authentic. Speak openly about what you’re learning and experiencing. You never know how your openness and authenticity will impact another person’s life. And shielding people or hiding who you are spiritually, is actually a disservice for both of you. I can guarantee that many of my life-long, family-friends, at one point or another, thought I was out there, flaky, weird, strange, etc. But I can also tell you that each of those people sought my spiritual advice, support, knowledge, and assistance in various forms over the years. Who cares if someone thinks you’re strange or weird. The point to these connections is the exchange. And being inauthentic is withholding vital portions of what you have to offer. It’s like purchasing a piece of unassembled furniture. Getting home, opening the box - only to realize they have intentionally left out essential hardware and vital components. It’s super annoying and an inconvenience. You chose them, they chose to withhold some of what you needed. Sure, you can go back to them and ask for what you are missing. Or make an exchange with another store. But it would have been simpler if you were both able to get what you needed from that one exchange. So…

Remember that each exchange you have with someone feeds both of you. Give and receive openly. Every encounter is an opportunity for growth in one way or another. Most are beautiful and have an uplifting effect. They serve as an open exchange of ideas, practices, and insights you’ve gathered. In these moments, you can discuss what worked, didn’t work and why. This can give you a fast track to the next phase of your development. And if your exchange is with someone who isn’t open spiritually, continue speaking your truths. Even if in that moment you are receiving a bit of ridicule or judgment, remain spiritually liberated and authentic. Remember that another person’s actions and reactions have nothing to do with you. But these situations speak volumes about who and where they are in their life. I’m not saying to stand there and be abused. But if it’s bearable, like teasing or poking fun at you - stay your course. Their opinions are merely a reflection of who they are choosing to be in that moment. And you are quite likely, acting as a way to shake up their old beliefs that no longer serve them. So be strong in who you are spiritually. Exercise your security, remain neutral and authentically liberated. 

Release your judgment. We are taught to be full of judgment about everything. We call it by many names, opinionated, dogmatic, prejudiced, pragmatic, analytical, skeptical, cynical, etc. My best advice is to release them… Release the use or deployment of them with regards to your interactions with others. Openly listen to others and what they share. You can easily appreciate another person’s spiritual journey without it resonating with you and yours. Going into these conversations with an open heart and mind will definitely illuminate many things for you. Sometimes it’s validation, while yet other times it is simply a study in humanity. Whatever the case, it is always interesting. And I also advise you to reserve analyzing (the best of them) to be used to digest information after it has been fully received. In the moment, it is always best to be an observer, rather than an analyzer. This holds true for interactions with others, your own spiritual experiences as well as receiving information from your higher self and Guides.

Who stays and who goes, and why? During your awakening and expansion, you will find that some people in your life stay, while others go. It is simply a matter of like attracts like… People who are a vibrational match to you will stay. Allow these shifts to happen. Just like anything else in your journey, you will be called to release what no longer serves you. I have found that the majority of my close friends and family began opening and expanding in their own ways as time moved forward. However, there have been a handful of cases where, as my spirituality progressed, we went our separate ways. To this day, I love and appreciate them for what they added to my world. But I am perfectly content without them in my daily life. I will also mention that I have many close friendships that are cyclical, in a manner of speaking. We live our lives apart, and every so often, reconnect as if no time has passed. During that time we catch up with one another’s journeys, then go our separate ways again for a while. These relationships are just as special to me as those that I am interacting with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. All of this is, as it is meant to be in my here and now. Being spiritually authentic includes the allowance of the flow of your life, even when it pertains to relationships. 

So, I hope this has given you some information while also provoking more thought on the topic of being spiritually liberated. 

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