Do You Have Dark Entities? Here's How To Get Rid Of Them.

For all of the light workers out there (current or future): Stop and take a few minutes to read this. A few things have come up recently regarding lower vibrating entities, so I thought I would address the topic here and now.

This is a great, big cosmos. It’s filled with so much life, in all different forms. Some would be considered positive by us, and others negative. Honestly, I think it’s a matter of perspective. And right now, ours is of the human variety. lol But take a moment and think about what we humans could be perceived as by higher vibrating beings. As negative as we allow ourselves and this world to be, it probably wouldn’t be good. Luckily, they have an expanded understanding of the Cosmos and all life, in comparison to us. lol

I have found there are higher vibrating beings, lower vibrating beings, and between those is a neutral zone of beings.  It would look something like this:

Super High

Really High


High Neutral


Low Neutral


Really Low

Super Low

Rudimentary, I know… but it works to convey the point. lol

That said, we have to keep in mind that they are all part of the ALL/ Source/ God, just as we are. Everything in creation has a purpose. We cannot possibly begin to understand what that purpose may be for most beings. That understanding is outside of our realm of permitted perception. What do I mean by that? Well… What we may perceive as dark and creepy isn’t found to be so elsewhere in the Cosmos. We all need a little perspective adjustment on this issue. And it is important to remember that it is not our job to label or judge other forms of life. It is our job, as Spiritualists, Light Workers and Star Seeds (and whatever else we choose to call ourselves), to remain objective and free of judgment but retain strong discernment in our quests for spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, exploration, ascension or whatever our goal may be. 

Sometimes our encounters with things that go bump in the night or creepy, shadowy things are symptoms. If we’re focused on or allowing negativity in our lives, we will likely attract lower vibrating beings. It’s pretty simple. Like attracts like. We are magnets. We receive exactly what we put out, give off or focus on. So if we’re drawing in creepy, dark, shadowy things - we need to take a look at ourselves. What do our thoughts look like? What emotions are we frequently feeling? What actions are we taking in our lives? What are we curious about right now? We will find any number of these lower vibrations within us right now. The simplest solution is always found within. If we find lower vibrating things within ourselves, we must accept their presence without judgment, and begin to replace them with (positive) higher vibrating opposites. We do so in gradual, higher and more positive increments. We can’t go from 0 to 100 naturally. So start the replacement with a step above where we are, and gradually go higher. Before we know it, we will have directed ourselves to a higher vibration. We then repeat this process whenever we find ourselves being negative in any way. (Want more information on this process? You’re in luck! I’ve just published a blog post on this exact subject.)

Other times, we encounter lower (negative) beings whose presence serves as an opportunity to be taught. Consider these moments time to learn valuable life lessons, but of a spiritual tone. Often these beings are around to push us toward something positive. Such as the realization of our personal power, to remind us of our strength, to illuminate our darker aspects so we can address them in whatever ways are needed, and to realize we have adopted false truths within our belief system (and so many more….). So, the next time we are facing something of a lower vibration, we have a couple of choices. We can fill ourselves with love and joy and give that energy to the being. Or we can command it to leave. Once we’ve done either, we need to immediately look within. Ask yourself and your guides, “What am I supposed to learn from this experience?”. 

How to command a lower vibrating being to leave: Often times lower beings feed off lower things, for us that is likely thoughts or emotions. They want us to believe they have power. In doing so, we give them our power. In truth, they can only feed off us if we allow them to do so. We must remember that this is our world. This is our space, we own it. We have the power to decide what we allow to exist along side us, and what cannot. When faced with a lower being we should reject fear and anger, and find our power within.

Option one: Block out the thought of this lower being along with our instinctive fears of the unknown and of dark, shadowy things. Fill and surround yourself with love, joy and white or gold light (or both). Address the being with love and say, “I don’t know why you are here… but I give you love.”. Imagine that you are flooding them with the love and light you’ve just created. Allow this energy to stay within and around you, but share it with them. Flood them and the entire room with these higher states of being. If it is truly a lower vibrating being, it will remove itself. You and your space will no longer be a hospitable meal or place to hang out.

Option two: Tell said being, “Go away and leave me alone. Only love and light may remain.” We must really mean those words as we say them. Nothing is allowed to stay if we choose that it cannot. Then, we must determine if it was attracted to us because we’ve been holding negativity within ourselves. We have true power, and it is especially strong in this world. We also have the ability to view things for what they truly are… In comparison to us, lower beings within our plane (the Earthen plane) are small and insignificant. And this planet is part of our birthright. Therefore, when we command other beings to leave us alone and go away - they will.

I am a huge proponent of embracing and wielding our own power to remove lower entities ourselves. However, if we are unable to reject fear or anger, we can call for reinforcements. lol Yes, I’m speaking of Angels. In particular, Archangel Michael is truly adept at managing this sort of situation. Asking for his assistance is simple and easy. We must simply say, “Archangel Michael I need your help. I am afraid. Please defend me in battle!”. We can repeat it if it makes us feel better, though he will come upon the first request. His energy will enter the space swiftly, and all lower vibrating beings will be pushed out by his love and light. Then we can also ask that he or another Angel please soothe us and stay with us throughout the night (for comfort and protection). They will happily do as we ask. 

Now, please keep in mind that this situation may repeat itself in the near or far future. Basically, calling for reinforcements may cause a repeat moment. If it was meant as a spiritual life lesson and our response isn’t what we desire to experience, our lesson will repeat until we accomplish our soul’s desired experience. So we will use the time between experiences to get ourselves in higher states of being, clearing our own negativities and raising our vibration. We will change our alignment from being harmonic with darker or lower beings, to being harmonic with higher beings. While using our discernment, we release our judgment and remain objective. We will be ready for any lesson as it comes up. We empower ourselves with belief in our own strength. We rely on our guides for assistance and guidance with everything. In doing all of this, we become a better version of ourself. This aligns us with our higher self and higher beings who can offer knowledge and wisdom, instead of lower beings who are around for a snack or a serious spiritual lesson. 

That’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed “Do You Have Dark Entities? Here's How To Get Rid Of Them.” and found it useful. Feel free to comment (positively) below or ask any questions you may have. I love interaction! So please share stories about your experiences. I’m also totally open to topic requests for my blog, YouTube channel, and my Facebook page.

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