Duplicate Messages - Shaming Spiritual Teachers

I want to take a moment to discuss something I believe is very important. It has come to my attention lately that certain spiritual teachers and mentors are coming under fire for duplication of messages and healing techniques. 

Let me begin by explaining that messages, techniques, and ideas are sent repeatedly to numerous people across the globe. Mass amounts of the same information is spreading across the planet. These messages are sent by God/Source/The All, higher realms and are also received from our higher selves (our soul). Those of us who readily receive information from our guides and our higher selves will spread the same messages, often down to the last detail. This is due to the fact that our growth as individuals, and as a whole is a focus of the cosmos right now. Meaning, our enlightenment, and ascension is of cosmic importance. 

I have also found this information comes in waves. So for example, a universal truth or viable healing technique that was received ten years ago, will repeat verbatim, today. It is important to understand that duplication of messages and processes will occur. It is pointless to experience a duplication, and in judgment, attack the person through which it occurs. Instead, the wise way to experience duplication is as validation and within gratitude. Be grateful that the message has another opportunity to reach audiences it was unable to impact in a previous rendition or moment.

This is no longer a world of hierarchy. One person’s message is, quite literally, the message of everyone else. Meaning, these messages are reminders for our awakening, enlightenment, and ascension. That’s it. The messenger is not the creator of the message. The messenger (teacher, guru, mentor, coach) is the recipient of the information and instruction. It is their duty to relay the information and instructions and release any and all need to call it their own. If we are truly balanced, there is no need for “credit” nor “glory”. Instead, the focus should be on enlightenment and ascension for everyone. If you judge another teacher, guru, mentor or coach, you are out of alignment yourself. Remove judgment and allow yourself to feel grateful that the message is being received by more people.  This is the way of enlightenment. 

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