Guides 101

Guides, guides, guides!! 

They are one of my favorite topics of conversation. Mainly because I love my guides immensely and assisting others in finding theirs, tickles me a little on the inside. (I’m talking about feeling joy, people. lol) 

I cannot tell you how many times over the years I’ve been asked about guides (so many!). I’ve narrowed the inquiries down to four questions we’ll begin with, which are: 

Who are guides? 

Do I have guides? 

What can guides do for me? 

How do I meet and connect with my guides?

So, let’s get started!

Who are guides? 

They are our friends, team, helpers, teachers and soul family. Guides are friends and family who are on the other side. So your favorite aunt, grandparents, parents, friends and others who no longer have physical bodies. Those of us who have chosen not to incarnate during this life so they can assist from beyond. And they are also Angels and other ascended beings, which include our higher and master guides.

Do I have guides?

Yes, Each and every one of us has guides. It’s an agreement or contract (if you will) that we make before our soul enters physicality. We do so because this life and existence is so dense and intense that we understand we need guidance. Our perception is limited to the constructs of this reality, so we rely on our soul family! They aren’t limited to a third dimension, earthly vantage point. Time and space does not really exist for them, not in the way it does for us. They see all points of our time, as existing in the same moment or space. I know... it’s a mind-blowing concept for many people. But time is an illusion (of a sort), that exists within the third dimension — in our world. And it is because their perception isn’t limited, that their knowledge is vast. They see and understand what we currently cannot. 

What can guides do for me?

Anything! Well, anything that is harmonic with your soul’s purpose and desired experiences. But we must ask! Ask for guidance and assistance. We have free will. They cannot intervene in matters we set in motion and create - unless asked. So, ask!

My guides do everything with me! Seriously, anything and everything... From things that are seemingly unimportant to those things that are immensely important. They assist in locating lost or misplaced items. They aid me in making decisions. Bring positive situations and desired outcomes into my realm of creation. And I am a woman with zillions of questions and have been since I was a small child. So, they answer (so many!) questions about: 

Life, my life, people, the world, history, the future, spiritual concepts, how the universe and cosmos work, information about God, Source or the All and all of its creations (However you label it, it is the same being.), as well as information for others regarding healing and spiritual development. And just recently I received information again on humanity as a whole and how we move forward on our collective path, in a positive way. (I’ll include this in another post and video. It’s on my list!) Seriously, this list could go on and on and on. But I’ll stop here as I think you’ve gotten the gist. Basically, guides give us what we seek, as long as we ask, and it’s harmonic. 

And we’ve reached our final question!

How do I meet and connect with my guides?

I would say initially, that this is a three step process. 

Step one: If you haven’t already, I suggest you acknowledge them. You can do so out loud or in your head, whatever you feel comfortable doing. Start by saying, “Hi. I know you exist and acknowledge you.” Or, “Hey guides. I know you’re there.” Or something like, “Hi! I hear you’re with me. I would like to know for sure.” Which brings me to my second step... 

Step two: Ask them for signs of their presence. You can include this step along with step one. “Hi. I know you exist and acknowledge you. I would like you to give me signs of your presence.” Their chosen signs will be meaningful. Things that already have meaning to you, and things that elicit a desirable emotional response in you. Then you must look for these signs. Be mindful and attentive in your daily life. They will give you signs repeatedly. So, look for things that repeat. Pay attention to the small details during your days. If you see something in a repeating pattern, that is your guides telling you they are with you. And when you see these signs, take a moment to feel grateful. Gratefulness will bring more to you. I’ll also add that you should expect to receive the signs. Your expectation will serve as an unverbalized intention, which is a factor in manifestation. It is a permission of a sort, that will allow them to ride that manifestation wave. 

My guides use many things to communicate with me. Each sign means something a bit different from the other, or is used to communicate a particular message depending on the need. I receive dragonflies, doves, crows, butterflies — those little white and yellow ones that I call buttercup butterflies as they remind me of the flowers. They also use double, triple and quadruple digit numbers, such as 222 and 2222, 333 and 3333, 444 and 4444 to communicate with me. They do so because these numbers are a close match to their vibrational frequency. So a few of my guides may resonate with 2222, while others may resonate with 4444. They use each of the numbers 1-9 in this way. 

Step three: Ask for guidance and assistance. I suggest you do this step once you are able to receive, acknowledge and trust the signs you are given. They will communicate with you through all of your claires. (Claires are our soul’s senses, I will list them below in this post.) And your guides will also sound and feel like you. This is because they are a part of you and have always been with you. They are our family. We know them on a soul level. 

Generally, I’ve found that they sound like me, just softer (but not always). What do I mean when I say, “they sound like me”? When you hear yourself think, it’s your voice in your head going over your plans or dialoguing about this and that. Initially, guides will often speak in your voice. You can hear them in your head, and some will hear them audibly. Once you can recognize their energy, you will be able to differentiate when they are speaking from your own internal chatter. You can also ask them for assistance to discern and know when they are speaking, as opposed to when it's you.

Basically, they will speak to us through our intuition. So pay attention and always trust your intuition. Whether it‘s your internal voice, a feeling or vibe, a moment of knowing, a glimpse in your mind’s eye or a combination of these — trust it! We’ve all experienced moments where we ignored what our intuition encouraged us to or not to do, and ended up in sticky situations. Avoid the stickiness! Trust yourself and listen to your inner compass. Many times that compass will be your guides.

Oh! And there is no need to fear or worry about your guides. They only have our highest and best concern at heart. To do otherwise would be to do so to themselves. It would be pointless, literally. So, if you’re hearing, feeling, knowing or glimpsing something negative... It’s not your guides. It’s probably your ego and sounds like you’ll want to put it in check. Guides only speak positively and of a beneficial nature. 

Well, that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed Guides 101 and found it useful. Feel free to comment (positively) below or ask any questions you may have. I love interaction! So please share stories about your experiences with guides. I’m also totally open to topic requests for my blog and YouTube channel.

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I hope everything is beautiful in your world! Much love... and shine brightly! See you in the next post.

As promised:

Clairvoyant: clear seeing 

Claircognitive: clear knowing

Clairaudient: clear hearing

Clairsentient: clear feeling

Clairsalience: clear smelling

Clairtangency: clear touching

Clairgustance: clear tasting