Happy, Healthy And Enlightened: A Guide To Your Thoughts And Emotions

At our core, I believe we all want a life filled with happiness, fulfillment, and ease. For me, the drive for this is strong right now. I desire to be of service within my purpose and to learn how to live within the flow at all times. I’ve lived within the flow during many points in my life, but for shorter durations than I’d like. My intention now is to learn how to maintain living in the flow and stay there indefinitely. I like to dream lofty! lol And luckily, my guides say it is possible and viable. Though it is not without a fair share of inner work. But I’m always up for that, especially if it means a happy, fulfilled, easy life. So in this post, I’m going to share information my guides have given me over the years, and include their recent elaborations.

Before I delve into the information on this topic, you should read this blog post if you haven’t already. In that blog post, I receive background information that is pertinent to this post.

Let me also preface this with a note: Many of you will want to work on your belief system a bit regarding worthiness to receive. You want to be open to receive and believe that you deserve true happiness and to live with ease. If you feel you have hangups with these things, go inward and see what that’s all about. If you’re having trouble navigating yourself, work on your chakras and try guided meditations to release negativity, clear blockages, and boost self-love. Like Reiki, Chakra clearing and alignment will bring deep rooted issues to the surface in your daily life. Remain mindful of triggers and you can determine what issues need to be addressed, healed (integrated) and released. Guided meditations tend to allow you to delve a bit deeper during solid spans of time, which is always good when maneuvering around (false) core beliefs. (If you’re still having trouble, you can always book a session with me. My guides and I can help you get to the root situations governing your triggers, and teach you how to move past them.) Be mindful that this process can be as simple or complicated as you allow it to be… A willingness and intent to change and heal will enhance your progress. And let’s also remember to ask your guides for assistance with whatever you encounter. They are here to help and happy to do so!

So… Let’s get started. Here are the steps we will cover:



Accountability (Judgement Free Responsibility)

Choice Of Action And Reaction

Living In Positive States Of Being

Alignment And Flow

We’ll begin with thoughts which will lead to emotions. Are you aware of the amount of negative thoughts you have in a single hour? Most of us are riddled with them but are completely unaware. They’re a byproduct of so many things, but let’s just say our environment and habits for now. lol And we are designed creators… like attracts like… this is a Universe of Inclusion, rather than Exclusion… energy follows thought… so our thoughts are the basis of what we bring into our lives! If we want positive lives, we have to retrain ourselves to hold positive thoughts and emotions. Essentially, we have to reprogram ourselves. Think of it as getting back to our original blueprints. My guides tell me that we want to choose thoughts that make us feel good emotionally. Our emotions are our guidance system, so of course, we’ll want to be attentive to what we are feeling. If we aren’t feeling happy, love, joy, etc - we’ll want to look at what we are thinking about and shift it to something that makes us feel good. But because we aren’t designed to go from super low to super high in one bound, we’ll want to meet each thought and emotion with a gradual move, up the scale. Our conscious mind doesn’t believe a dramatic shift from low to high, but I will explain how it can be coaxed. Below is a simple way to view the scale of thoughts and subsequent emotions. This is one way (of many) for our linear minds to perceive the healing and enlightenment process. Yes, the two go hand-in-hand!


We’ll start with the low vibration zone of "negative" thoughts and emotions and work our way to the high vibration zone. 

Black zone is where any lower or "negative" thoughts and emotions reside. Some emotion examples are being paranoid, offended, irritated, annoyed, sarcastic, feeling betrayed, bad moods, depression, anger, doomsday prep for possible situations, raging, critical thoughts against others, judging other people’s actions and lives, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, low self-worth, etc… While in the Black, there are also triggered thoughts and emotions. Triggers are moments of contrast that are experienced from an unbalanced, unhealed, misaligned viewpoint. Those occur so that we can heal old wounds and false beliefs we created due to those wounds, which will bring us into balance and alignment. For every contrast experience in the Black zone, there is also an opportunity for growth, healing, and integration. Basically, the Black zone is not “bad”, but being in it is a strong indication that something in you needs to be healed.

Examples of Black thoughts: Something happens and you think “This experience is the worst thing ever! I can’t believe they would do this to me! Now my entire day is ruined!” Or, “This experience just happened, which means more terrible experiences are coming… like ____ and ____ and ____.” *commence cycle of continual "negative" thoughts and an almost doomsday preparation for the worst* Or, “I can’t do ____.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not pretty enough.” “I’m not worthy to receive.” “I’m unloveable.” “I’m a bad person.” “I hate everyone.” “People suck.” “I never have enough.” “This will never happen (insert what you really want here).” “I never get what I want.” “I’m afraid I will lose everything.” “I’m scared of being hurt.” “I’m afraid of betrayal.” “Everyone is out to get me.” “That person is so ugly.” “Look at that person’s clothes, ugh. Tired/ cheap/ ugly.” “How could ____ do that?!” “Why are you driving a hoopty?” “I can’t believe ____ is dating and/or sleeping with so many people.” —All of these are Black zone thoughts which can be removed and replaced. And their very existence point to aspects of yourself that need to be healed. —I know right?! Gone are the days where someone being bitchy at the expense of another, makes them look better. lol As if it ever really did… But seriously, we’ve all been here at one time or another. To me, these thoughts, behaviors, and comments show a person in need and out of balance.

Grey zone is the neutral zone. It’s a managed limbo for your thoughts where you remove all judgment and begin to direct yourself toward positivity. You are laying crucial belief system foundations in this zone. You’re removing some of the egocentric beliefs and allowing a situation to simply be practice. Experiences can be viewed objectively, without judgment or classification. You quickly learn to taper strong negative emotional responses. And eventually, refuse allowance of strong emotions accompanying the trigger. You begin the healing process for old wounds in this zone. Once you become aware and acknowledge your triggers, you make yourself accountable and choose your actions and reactions in this zone. This is done by choosing to allow the trigger situations to be your emotional body’s reminder of old wounds which require healing. It is here that you remove the Black zone emotions as soon as the trigger arrives in your life. You choose to view the trigger objectively, without allowing it to activate Black zone emotions. Your healing is performed in this zone and in the zone of positivity. And the Grey zone is used to catapult you into the White zone. —We’re making progress!! 

Examples of Grey zone thoughts: Someone cuts you off while driving and you think, “This is an experience. They are not doing this to me, they are just doing this.”. Or, “It is not personal.”. “I have the power to choose how I respond.” Something occurs and you think, “This is just a solitary experience. I can manage this and allow it to pass by. It is not personal. I have the power to choose my response.”. —Keep it neutral and retain your power. 

White zone is the positivity zone. In this zone, you allow yourself to view potential and current experiences as opportunities for growth and to receive what you want. You see all encounters as opportunities to choose your actions and reactions. You allow yourself to view without judgment. And you trust that every experience you encounter is bringing you something that you want. Even if that experience appears as contrast (or something you could perceive as negative), you trust. You remain in alignment through these moments and allow yourself to receive in whatever form the universe provides. This takes the perceived judgment of “negative” out of your life, allowing each experience to present you with something positive. It is here that you will also perform healing within your emotion body. All triggers are a form of contrast and are a tool your emotion body uses to bring your focus toward wounds that require healing.

White: Something occurs and you think, “I see you experience. What am I supposed to learn from this?” Or, “I see this experience as it passes by me. I’m thinking about what I really want.” Or, “I trust that this contrast is bringing me something wonderful. I’m going to remain in alignment until it is fully manifested.” Or, “Thank you for bringing this into my life. I am grateful.”

Color zone is living decidedly positive in alignment, within the flow. This is the zone of peace, happiness, joy, love, compassion, bliss, etc… To exist in this zone, much work on self has already been accomplished. Shadow sides have been integrated. Wounds have been healed. Mental and emotional triggers are a thing of the past. Ego is in check and isn’t ruling your life. When contrast is shown, its purpose is understood and life continues without tension. Oneness is understood on both fundamental and practical levels. In the Color zone, life is not just about us as individuals. The greater good is always considered.  

Color: “I see you experience. I trust that your outcome is in alignment with my true desires. I’m really excited and grateful for what I know is coming.” - Alignment & Flow

Living in color is the goal. As I mentioned before, we are not wired to believe we can jump from Black to White or from Black to Color. The idea is to move gradually from black to gray, or gray to white, or white to color. (In this case, gradually does not have to indicate speed. View this instead as a procession.) If you are living in a world of black thoughts and emotions, move yourself to neutral thoughts - in the gray zone. The gray zone is objective, free of judgment and guilt. Being in the gray enables you to be aware that (in each moment) you have a choice and are responsible for the choice you do make. If you are already living in a world of neutral thoughts, move toward balanced positivity in the white zone. Once in the white zone, you will begin to move yourself into the world of alignment and flow which is the color zone.

So the first step is to become aware of the types of thoughts you allow or create. The act of awareness enables you to achieve the second step which is to acknowledge each individual thought. For every black, "negative" thought or mental reaction - you follow it with three, positive thoughts that are equivalent to its opposite. And bear in mind, you will likely replace a lot of thoughts when you begin this process. Luckily, the positive thoughts are in threes! That’s three times the positive thoughts (going forward) that you manifest for yourself during each thought adjustment. Are you beginning to see how this works? lol It’s also really helpful if someone you trust and respect is doing this step along side you. You can (gently) hold each other accountable for each negative comment that pops out of your mouths - a true sign of negative thoughts. Once you have more positive thoughts and a sensitivity to your negative remnants, move forward to step two.

Now that you have a solid handle on your thoughts, we can say that you are aware, acknowledge and are holding yourself accountable (third step) for what you are creating in your own head. And we all know that thoughts and emotions walk hand in hand. So I’m thinking you are also starting to feel better right about now. lol Be mindful that while you hold yourself accountable, you are doing it with judgment-free responsibility. There is no room for shame here. Absolutely no need for judgment of any type. You are simply reprogramming yourself. If you’re holding yourself accountable by beating yourself up for mistakes, then remember that this entire process is about being a healthier, balanced, love filled you. In the famous lyrics of Lenny Kravitz, “Let love rule!”. lol And it’s perfectly okay to have a sense of humor about all of this… sometimes the universe brings us crazy situations that look like contrast, just to give us what we want. I mean, it’s just bringing us what we’ve created, in the crack of least resistance within us. So, if you’re getting crazy situations - look at yourself. What release can you offer, so that you are in alignment with what you are telling the universe that you want? Release is a key in manifestation and to being in alignment! 

The fourth step is realizing you have a choice of action and reaction when responding to or creating anything within your world. Internally, you decide what you give attention to, and what you allow to simply pass by. You allow your thoughts and emotions to exist. You train your focus on information and experiences of which you want to receive more. You are aware that if you permit yourself to focus on something, you are drawing more instances of it into your life. You know that you can simply view something, without giving it focus or allowing it to elicit an emotional response. In that case, it will simply slide right by. By removing judgment, you empower yourself to be able to view situations and experiences objectively. This allows you to remain unattached from things with which you are unaligned. Save your thoughts and emotions for people and experiences that make you feel good! If it makes you feel good - all warm and fuzzy inside, think about it instead. By doing this, you get to choose what you pay attention to and what you want in your life. You create alignment in these actions and reactions.  

Which brings us to the fifth step, living in positive states of being. Positive emotions are really, positive states of being. The idea is to choose love, empathy, compassion, joy, bliss, gratefulness and other positive emotions instead of choosing "negative" emotions. When a situation arises or presents itself, you’ve already trained yourself to view it objectively. You’ve reprogrammed years of learned responses, healed old wounds and replaced "bad" habits. You’ve taught yourself how to draw to you things that you want. It’s here that you’ll feel grateful for every beautiful experience, situation, person, animal and bit of nature that you encounter. In a previous blog I discussed how gratefulness is like a magnet for what you truly desire and it maintains the state of peace. It simply allows you to live in peace, which is the embodiment of being in complete alignment. And the state of peace keeps you within the flow. This is the step where you utilize choosing "positive" or higher states of being and what they bring into your world, to be grateful. And once you maintain positive states of being and everything discussed above, you are living in alignment within the flow (final step). Alignment will bring people, experiences and situations into your life which are in your highest good. Life becomes easier. Being within the flow means there is no need to force situations and experiences… They are literally brought to you, as you will them into existence. Struggle, tension and resistance are no more. Everything literally happens for a reason. And that reason is always in the highest and best concern for all - the greater good of all mankind and Earth’s creatures (which includes you). Once you're in this space, you're there. lol This is the experience of Enlightenment, my friends!! Now to achieve this indefinitely and spread it around the world...

Well, that’s it for this post. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed “Happy, Healthy And Enlightened: A Guide To Your Thoughts And Emotions” and found it both useful and insightful. Feel free to comment (positively) below or ask any questions you may have. I love interaction! So please share stories about your enlightenment journey and healing experiences. I’m also totally open to topic requests for my blog, YouTube channel, and my Facebook page.

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So much love... Be the light in the world that you wish to see. Catch you next post!