Light vs Dark: Which School Of Thought Do I Follow?

Recently, I received expanded visions based on an original vision I received a while ago. I haven’t blogged or vlogged about it because I’ve been processing and awaiting follow up information. In this vision, they showed me one of my potential life paths with a very high probability. Within this life path I saw how my soul’s purpose would be fulfilled, both on a micro and macro level. I’m not one to tell the future or fortunes, as I understand that paths change consistently, based on decisions made through free will. But my guides have encouraged me to give a few messages from these visions, as it is for the greater good of you and humanity as a whole. So I will do so very soon. In fact, one of the aspects of these visions has brought me to the topic today. 

There are many schools of thought within many spiritual communities on Light vs Dark. And within that vastness of opinions, there are just as many opinions as to how we should choose to live our lives within one, or how to integrate with the other. There are also many thoughts and beliefs within these very opinionated groups with which I align, on both sides.

I am a light worker, or rather a light bearer. I have made a dedication to the light and to work within the light. If these words ring true for you, you are likely a light worker as well. If these words do not ring true, do not concern yourself. There are numerable paths to assist this world and its people. You will find yours soon - if you haven’t already.

Having said that I am a light worker, doesn’t mean that I ignore darkness. I am a firm believer of integrated shadow sides (dark sides of your personality, etc), and integration of shadow emotions (dark sides of your emotions due to unhealed emotional wounds, etc…). I have been Guided to understand and believe that I must first do this integration to achieve enlightenment and Ascension. I do not believe that ignoring our own personal darkness and pretending it doesn’t exist is healthy nor enlightened. I’m of the belief that we must know ourself, all of ourself, not just the pretty bits. lol Now, this does not mean that I pitch a tent and camp out in my dark sides for days or weeks. That may work for some of you, but I find it to be counterintuitive to do so myself. lol But whenever it is needed, I spend time in the darker aspects of myself and take the time to know what triggers them, how I wield them, and why they are a part of me. I also accept them as viable parts of myself. I do not judge them, making them “evil," “wrong” or “bad”. They have purpose (and sometimes history), just like the lighter sides of me. And I currently believe that having no knowledge of these aspects of myself eliminates my ability to stay within the light for long periods of time. I’ve found that the more integrated they become, the better I am at holding light. How do I integrate my dark sides? Understanding, knowledge, and acceptance… See what they are, learn how they are triggered, understand their true purpose, accept that these are aspects of myself, and integrate them into who I am in a positive, loving way. I’ve found this to be neutralizing, yet empowering.

Having explained all this, I also find it of great importance and am Guided in my daily life to choose positive states of being, rather than negative ones. I make a point to choose happiness. It is my nature because I choose to be this way. I am an optimist because I choose to be optimistic about life, people, and situations. I believe we are all born this way but are taught to be otherwise. I actively seek to release any negative programming I have learned or bought into, and now accept as truths (false truths). And my Guides have repeatedly given messages and visions about the importance of choosing higher emotions (states of being), and what the people who choose to live as those frequencies mean for the future of our world… the spiritual catalysts. 

And just like that, this topic is complete. lol  Finally! We’re on to the visions…

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