Manifestation: Energetic Vantage Of This Election's Outcome And How To Move Forward

I’m writing this particular blog post the day after election day, November 9, 2016. I feel that I may wait a few days before posting it, as everyone’s emotions are raw and fear is palpable right now. And while I support each of you and believe that everyone's fears and emotions are quite valid. I also believe there is another way to move forward which allows us to accomplish our dreams instead of making our nightmares manifest. This post is devoted to explaining how to follow the enlightened manifestation method.

In light of the current political events in America, I’d like to take a moment to tell everyone that you are deeply loved. I write this particular post for all of my friends and family who are afraid because you and your loved ones can be affected by this outcome. Things like potential policies, repeals, and actions based off of the things promised during DT’s campaign as well as those by appointed cabinet members and judges are in your daily thoughts. Please know that I will hold space for you and will support you in any way needed, should those situations arise. 

Although the major viewpoint during times like this comes from a psychological place. I also feel strongly that this sort of polarizing event must be looked at from an energetic, spiritual vantage point. And while I would love to say that I am absolutely unbiased and unwavering, I am not. What I am:  Diligent in learning to remain as neutral as I am able to be, amidst times of great polarity with regard to manifestation. And when I falter, I am mindful to redirect myself without judgment, regret or guilt, and to do so as soon as possible.

Having said that, I would also like to say the following:  While this is a blow to a great many people, it is not the end. There is always hope. My suggestion is to take a few days to a week to feel your grief and fear. After that time, move your thoughts, emotions, and energy toward what you truly want out of this situation. Decide it is time to redirect yourself toward something that makes you happy, brings fulfillment and emphasizes your connection to the people in your life. We truly are stronger when we are bonded together. And politics as of late have been intentionally divisive (ripe with social manipulation) and many have allowed this to wreak havoc on their connection with one another. When we are divided, we are weak. So, make amends with those that you love. The damage is only irreparable if we decide it is so. It is time to open our hearts and heal.

From an energetic vantage point, this election directly reflects the polarization of the new age being felt by so many people. Overall, it is a macro view of what is going on with individuals on a micro level. What do I mean by this? Well, the energy of the age of Pisces was all about the mind. The new age of Aquarius is all about the heart. With this shift came many things that are no longer viable, including many beliefs and belief systems. On a micro level:  Those people who refuse to awaken or choose to cling to the age of the mind, are experiencing polarization and rifts within themselves. This can manifest in a range of low vibrating manners. These rifts can be experienced in any aspect of a person. For some, the experience is in very few, small areas of themselves. Yet others feel it in the entirety of who they are as a person. It’s like a constant itch, that no amount of scratching relieves. That is until awareness is achieved and the transition is accomplished. For once we move into the heart space, the polarization, feelings of separation and negative emotions are healed.

Anyone who is not following their basic guidance system and intuition will experience at least some of the polarizing effects during the transition from mind to heart. For a smooth transition, we must become aware of how we feel at any given moment. Are you thinking about something that makes you feel bad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, irritated, disgusted, offended, unhappy, sad, desperate, depressed, despondent, fearful or any of the other lower emotions? Simply experiencing the low emotion is your cue to take note and make a change. Basically, it is your soul’s way of telling you that something within you needs alteration. For example, if you think about, do something, or experience something that brings up a lower emotional response in you — it is time to determine one of two things. One:  Is it your soul’s way of showing you something within yourself that is no longer serving you? Example:  A false belief, conflicting belief, out dated contract, etc. Or two:  Is it a sign to remain in alignment with what you have already told the universe you truly want? In this case, the negative emotion is a sign to redirect your focus toward something that makes you feel good.

It really is that simple. In the beginning, it is a matter of awareness. You have to become aware of how you feel. Once you have awareness, you can begin to change the things with which you give importance, via your attention, thoughts, emotions and experiences. You have the power to choose what you allow into your internal and external worlds. It is up to you to be aware of your choices and how they affect you, your everyday life and potentially, the lives of everyone you encounter. 

This is Law of Attraction 101, basic knowledge. It is unfortunate that we are not taught this as small children. If we were, situations like those we have experienced this year, wouldn’t happen as frequently nor would they be likely to have a national impact. When looking at the past couple of years from an energetic, Law of Attraction vantage, the situation we find ourselves in today makes perfect sense. I’ve explained this before and will continue to explain it again, as many times as are needed, for everyone to finally understand. 

See, we live in a universe of inclusion, not exclusion. This means that the fundamental laws of our universe are designed to give us what we want. And the language through which we communicate with the universe is energetic. We communicate what we want by what we give the most time, energy, focus, thought, and emotion toward. (Take a moment to reread those four sentences. They’re important.) But Western society doesn’t teach us this basic universal truth. We are instead taught to bitch, moan, complain, vent, stress about, and focus on what we do not want. We’re taught to struggle against what we do not want and that through perseverance, we will prevail. And then we become defeated and exacerbated by receiving more of the things we’ve just repeatedly said we absolutely do not want. The problem with “do not” and “cannot” and words of this nature is that the universe isn’t designed to differentiate nuances, spoken via words. It responds to energy, and often the percentage of energy it receives will determine the outcome. 

So here’s the macro vantage:  If millions or billions of people (around the globe) are essentially screaming out about Donald Trump becoming President of the United States of America. It will occur. It doesn’t matter if millions or billions of those people (around the globe) are saying, “I do NOT want Donald Trump to become President” or “I DO want Donald Trump to become President”. The fact that everyone directs that much strength of time, energy, focus, thought and emotion toward Donald Trump and the Presidency, will determine the outcome to be, Donald Trump as President.  

Are you beginning to understand how this works? Focus on what you DO want. Only direct your time, energy, focus, thought and emotion toward what you truly want. To do anything else will be to create contrast situations for yourself and those with whom you are bonded. Contrast situations are, by nature, designed to bring to the foreground of our attention those things that need adjustment within ourselves and our lives. Think of contrast (and emotional triggers) as the universe’s way of gifting us clarity. By showing us aspects that are no longer in alignment with what we currently (truly) want, we are provided with the opportunity to then choose to release, integrate or disintegrate these aspects. 

In following this train of thought, it means that DT is contrast for a great many people. What can we do now? Utilize this time to determine why we are receiving contrast in the form of DT. Once we do that, we can focus our attention on all the issues with which we can affect positive change. Such as, remaining vigilant after the Presidential election with regard to voting on issues we are passionate about changing and maintaining. Write letters to Congress and the Senate encouraging them to actively pursue the angles we support. Vote for new people who share our stances, to join those seated in Congress and the Senate. Or maybe you are the person in your group of friends and family who alerts everyone to the issues that are up for a vote, and when voting day occurs. There are countless situations in which you can affect positive change within the political arena. And I’m sure applying even a tiny percentage of the passion you feel right now about the way things turned out with this election, will result in an ample amount of positive change.

In closing, I will say that we, literally, have to be the change we wish to see and experience in the world. Let us be that change in every moment. It starts now.

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