Roles In Spirituality: Getting Real

I think it is time to speak about what roles in spirituality look like now. Am I a teacher? Are you a student? Is that person a guru? Are you their follower? Yes… Let’s address this right away. Let’s delve into the perceptions of “teachers” and “students” and what those roles should look like.

Gone are the days where you need someone else to tell you how to spiritually, walk in this world. Giving someone else control over you spiritually is the same thing as giving someone control over you in a relationship. It is highly dysfunctional and inadvisable. We are experiencing the days where you gain knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment through waking up to who you are as a soul. This occurs when you remember information which has been lost or forgotten and gain access to your higher self and guides. If someone seems further along than you, more open, has more knowledge — they have likely been awake and exploring their enlightenment and ascension paths longer. It does not mean, however, that they are higher, greater nor more gifted than you. We are all born with gifts. You can remember how to open and incorporate those things within yourself. No one else is here to truly give you any information that you do not already have within your own soul. So, remember who you are… A spiritual being having a human experience. You are eternal. You are divinity, incarnate. You are both spirit and human.

First things, first, this is so very important… Do not put people with spiritual messages on a “teacher” or “guru” pedestal. That eon ended in 2012. There is absolutely no reason for you to see yourself as below another person. We are all equal. The spiritual hierarchy is dying. We are now in a time where “regular” people with “regular” human lives have awoken to their souls’ purposes. Often we have information to share, to assist you in waking up and in striving toward your soul remembrances. That in no way means we are above the everyday issues in life that you experience. We too are human. We often acquire this information while working on our own issues. You will not meet us and experience that we are like Jesus or Buddha, who entered this world and walked it with their divinity in perfect condition. We have our own triggers, emotional trauma and shadows to integrate. We are in no way perfect. We live our lives, make happy and crappy life choices and move forward — just like you. The only difference is that we have awoken prior to you, or in different aspects than you have chosen. Maybe we dedicate more of our time to the enlightenment process at this moment. Perhaps our soul’s purpose is to exist with fewer filters during this time so that we can be of assistance to those of you who are now waking up. 

Receiving guidance from an open and awakened Spiritualist or Light Worker is different from being taught by an Ascended Master who is living a life on Earth. Does this make sense? Are you able to put aside the ingrained need to be taught by another human who has taken on the role of master or teacher? If not, it is time to take a look inside yourself and figure out why your spiritual worth must be received from others. Determine why you have a drive to find your enlightenment fully or partially outside yourself. Because following someone who appears perfect in every way, will likely mean you are following someone who is being spiritually inauthentic. (And, I foresee scandal in their future. They can only keep up the perfect pretense for so long. That house of cards eventually falls… And, well… scandal. lol)  Having said this, it is also important to seek spiritual advisors, coaches, and mentors with whom you align with their messages. We each have our own purpose and frequency. All messages we receive and all acquired information will pass through us before being translated and shared. This means that this information is translated through our personal perception filters. Because of this, it is important for you to have and use discernment. Follow your intuition and emotions as they are your compass. And remember that you may feel 100% connected and aligned with 70% of what a person says, and have 30% of their information that doesn’t fit with you. And that is perfectly normal and okay. Everything that I align with, may not align with you. That is one of the beauties of individuality. If you hear information that doesn’t fit, don’t dwell on it. Don’t judge the information. Don’t make that information wrong. Simply allow it to be okay that you are not in alignment with that particular notion or notions. Also allow it to be okay that the person you’ve received that information from, is in alignment with that particular message. This is not about right or wrong, or good and bad — it is about vibrational frequency and soul purpose. However, if you find you are feeling far less aligned with the majority of what a person is conveying spiritually — it’s a good idea to seek counsel from another source. They themselves are likely out of alignment spiritually. 

The point of this post is to remind you that you too are on a quest of the soul. We are here to help you become your own “master," “guru” or “teacher," to become your own access to spiritual information. We are here to share what we have remembered and what we know to be true. It is up to you to determine whether our truths, knowledge, and wisdom are also true for you. And the end goal should always be that you are able to open up and remember how to access spiritual information for yourself, from yourself and your guides. 

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