Spirit Journey (Part 1 of 2)


I adore spirit journeys! I’ll share the first (of two) today, which occurred during consecutive guided meditations. I love guided meditations for the very reason that I often journey on them. Journeying is fun! For me, it’s a similar experience to astral projection. The colors are amazing, like neon on steroids. lol They look and feel alive, which is very different than how they are here on Earth. During these journeys, I receive answers and information about who I am, our interconnectedness, spiritual concepts and how the universe works. Sometimes my guides take me on them and other times I experience them on my own. The two journeys I will share with you were a bit of both. 

Journeying, traveling and projecting mostly occur (for me), while outside the Earth. Once a person leaves their body (in whatever form they do), the sensations magnify. They use their spirit senses (the claires) while having the experience. As this is the case, it’s often quite difficult to break down the concepts and experiences into words. Processing these moments is like digesting and incorporating with your mind and emotions at once. But I do my best to share everything after I have processed the information. I must add that there are (unfortunately) many things I am unable to express by simply using our language. So there is always more to these moments than can be conveyed. Even so, I will try.

I’m unsure how much I actually followed the first guided meditation. I do recall the lifting, door, and return (three teasers!)… but that’s about all. The first portion directed to lift oneself and become lighter, and to raise my vibration (by merely thinking it). I’m good at this so, I did it fairly quick. Up and away I went, leaving Earth and entering space. I tend to move upwards and to the left, as I travel through space because that is how my guides take me when in guided journeys. I was looking for a white light and couldn’t yet see one. Upon noticing it wasn’t in sight, a beautiful wave of energy appeared above me. The main color was a deep, medium pink. It had large vertical ribbons in it that were a light to medium blue and liquid gold. Gorgeous! It was huge. And the movements reminded me of silk fabric being moved in water. It was undulating toward me, but moving up and away from me. So I instinctively followed. I followed it through a number of dimensions (nine or ten, I believe) before I was finally able to view the white light with my mind’s eye. It was a great distance above me, so I stopped. 

I was stationary, hanging out in space in my spirit form for a few moments. I looked to my right and saw a large door. It was an equivalent to twelve feet in height. It looked more like an opening, as it didn’t have moulding or an actual door. Instead, it had a threshold (about a foot deep) that looked like space had been folded and it was created with right angles. I could see stars in it, off in the distance. lol So cool! And a stunningly beautiful, bright, white light was emanating from the other side. When I say emanating, it was pouring out of it, but didn’t cross the boundary of the threshold. The edge looked almost fuzzy, similar to white snow on an ancient tv (if you don’t know what that looks like, Google it. lol). The feeling of this light was breathtaking. It was love, but magnified and fuller. As I got closer to look at it and sense it a bit deeper, I noticed thousands of tiny pin pricks of color that it contained. I saw pink, blue, green, lavender, yellow, orange and gold within the bright white. Suddenly I became aware of presences within the light, on the other side of the door. They felt similar to my guides and I became really, really excited! Like a kid on Christmas, excited. lol 

I rushed through the door… and was suddenly brought back in front - as if I had never entered. It made me giggle then, and still does now. (When I’m excited, I’m impulsive.) Then I heard the meditation tell me to cross the threshold ("enter the door"), followed by more giggling. (Which by the way, feels like your soul is laughing! All encompassing laughter - it's so good!) Thrilled to meet whoever was on the other side, I immediately began to go through the door - again. Now, time is different during these journeys. It’s like it exists very quickly and in slow motion within the same moment. I know it sounds confusing, but you get used to it and understand it while you’re in the experience. So… As I was crossing the threshold, I experienced that duality. The moment the white light entered me (as I began to cross the threshold), I suddenly knew and could see little bits of darkness within me. A thought struck me, “Oh no... They’ll be able to see my darkness.” Now, there was no judgement in this thought. It was a realization, or knowing. But as soon as I had it, I knew what to do. I began to expand my energy and absorb as much of that white light as I could. It felt amazing! The darkness was immediately dissipated. I felt the beautiful energy surge through my body below. Overwhelmed, it began to cry. This occurrence split my focus, so I brought my focus back to my journey. As I entered the place of white light, I was sensing about twenty beings waiting by the door. And I was still so elated and excited that I entered with a hug to each of them at once. You can imagine it like splitting into twenty copies of yourself. But it is really like being able to be in front of twenty beings at once - while you perceive and experience the hugs with all of them, at the same time. lol I know… it can be mind boggling until you expand your consciousness or experience it yourself. Anyway… They were much larger than me, seemed about twelve feet tall. And they were also made of this beautiful white light, but I could sense an individuality and something similar to a personality within them. Five of them stepped forward with one directly in front of me. They all felt so familiar… Like I have always known them.

The entire place was this white light, not made of it, was the light. It was blissful and I softly yearned for it to fill my entire being. I began to drink in the beautiful energy, while simultaneously expanding myself. I looked at myself and saw that I too was made of this energy. I had transformed! Briefly shed my human energy shell. And I felt more at home here, in this moment, than I have in a very long while. My body began to sob, which split my focus. And I wanted to be present in the journey, so I brought my focus back again. 

I began to see that this place was vast and filled with so many more beings than those that were still gathered around me. Everyone was living their existence. As I observed what was "a day in the life" of these beautiful beings, I began to feel this place. I knew that this place was free of resistance, struggle, turmoil, difficulty, sadness or any of the heaviness we experience on Earth. It was the closest thing to utopia that I've ever encountered. I understood it was a blissful existence where we all shared knowledge and presence, while still being individuals with personalities. It was beautiful and peaceful!

At this point, I looked at the white energy, and began to once again see and feel the colors that I observed upon entering. I understood that my perception was limited. I suddenly knew there were many, many more colors I was unable to see (thousands). I also understood, without judgement, this was due to my humanity. My perception was temporarily filtered. I felt and understood just how limited my “most” was with everything - not in judgement, but in observation. I knew that each color was a positive state of being, or what we know to be an emotion. I also knew that humans have a very limited awareness of these states of being. Meaning, we only see and experience a fraction of what is really out there in this big, beautiful cosmos. And I understood that we only feel our perceived emotions at a fraction of what they truly are… It’s not that we’re unable to feel their entirety, but that we’re taught to feel them in that manner. 

I turned to look beyond this realm or dimension, out into space. I could see as far as I could imagine. I saw space and universes scattered about. And had the realization that there was so much more that I knew was there, but was again unable to perceive... And while it felt like a word that's on the tip of your tongue, but you just cannot access it - it was perfectly okay.

Everything here, in this dimension, was so peaceful. It was love, love, love and bliss and joy and all the other happy emotions - wrapped in love. lol A complete absence of negativity and hardship. Utterly harmonic, in every possible way, during all moments. I deeply missed my existence here, this place, and these beings. My body sobbed again, splitting my focus. And again, I brought it back to the journey. 

I began to realize that it would be time to go back soon. In that moment, I felt like I was halved… Half of me wanted to stay, while the other knew I needed to return. I could feel my “family” gently and softly encouraging my return. Though they did so while not being pushy, without a sense of urgency, nor with intention to bend my will. I thought of the people I love and my soul’s purpose here on Earth and decided, without hesitation, to come back. Once I made the decision, I was whisked back almost instantaneously. 

My body was already sobbing. I still retained some of the energy from the beautiful state of being for about five minutes. But I was also an emotional mess. I was sobbing so hard. And I had a feeling of homesickness that was immense and deep - deeper than its ever been before. My throat chakra area was painful, so I called for my Love to come downstairs. I asked him to do a chakra alignmentwith me. It's one that we really love to do together. He wasn’t feeling into it, but instead, he gave me so much love... Which was exactly what I needed. Afterward, I was soothed, calm and centered again. And my throat no longer hurt. In the end, the tears were worth every second of this journey. I'm elated and grateful for the gift of this experience.

So… That’s the story or should I say, "book". lol The first of two recent spirit journeys, explained. I hope it was clear and that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed the experience. I will post the second one soon. It should be shorter. lol 

I’m all about interaction, so… If you have questions, or (nice) comments, please leave them below. Feel free to also comment any interesting journeys you’ve encountered. And I’ve included a list of topics for your inspiration in the video descriptions on my YouTube channel. Your suggestions are welcome. I’d love to talk about what you want to know! 

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Thank you for reading. So much love to you… See you in the next post!