Spirit Journey (Part 2 of 2, Bonus 3)

Let’s just call this a two for one… lol 

I originally intended to blog only about part two of the Spirit Journeys I received a month ago. I experienced them while doing back to back guided meditations. However, I did this particular meditation again a few days ago and received more information. So there are two experiences to share in this post! Yay!!

As I mentioned in a previous Spirit Journey post, I love guided meditations! I often journey, receive visions and detailed information from my guides, higher self, and Source. These experiences were filled with answers to questions I’ve been asking lately. 

I’m going to explain the meditation flow, then get right into what I received and experienced. So… In this particular meditation, they ask that I select two positive emotions such as love, happiness, joy, peace, bliss, compassion, etc. For the first one, I considered selecting compassion. Mostly because I’ve been pondering how we can assist people in increasing their compassion. As I was contemplating this, I heard my guides clearly tell me to, “Choose Love”. So I did! Then the meditation asked me to imagine how having more of this positive emotion (state of being) will change me. How will it affect my daily life? How will having more of it affect how I interact with people? And these questions begin my journey. In them, I view, feel and sense information and images and receive an experience in the form of a movie of my reality. It’s kind of like an overview. Here’s what I learned in the first experience:

Love is a catalyst and crux for happiness, compassion, empathy and all the positive emotions. (We learned positive emotions are actually states of being in a previous Spirit Journey. If you haven’t read it, check it out here.) The first image I saw was similar to a wheel, love was the center and the other emotions orbited it at the end of spokes. (It looked kind of like a Sputnik light or a dandelion. lol) After showing me this, they began to show me what happens as we choose to feel love. In those moments, we have a direct connection to our Higher Selves and God/ Source/ All. They showed me that we yearn for that connection. And we desire it so deeply because being so connected is a part of our true state, outside of our human existence. (We are currently filtered from the awareness of our deep connection to everything (including everyone), but we won’t be forever. lol) 

I was then shown that once we are in the state of love, we are impelled to offer it to one another freely and unconditionally. In doing so, the person receiving the love is also in direct connection to their Higher Self and Source/ God/ All. Basically, when we live with open hearts and choose to exist in the state of love, whether giving or receiving - we are connected to the divine parts of ourselves and Source/ God/ All. And receiving unconditional love enables us to pass it on, or pay it forward. They showed me that it starts with just a few of us who are choosing to live and connect in love. We are scattered here and there around the globe. We interact with the people in our daily lives and they too begin the choice of living in love. It spreads like a beautiful wild fire around the world. 

My second choice was joy! I was shown the exact same type of vision in this journey. Joy was the hub and fun, playfulness, peace, love and bliss (amongst others I wasn’t directed to focus on), were orbiting at the end of the spokes. Peace coming from joy was particularly exciting. I’ve been asking about peace and was pleasantly surprised to find that it is directly related to joy. That makes total sense if you think about people who embody peace, such as the Dali Lama. Love this! 

This journey played out in exactly the same way as the first portion. Through joy, we are directly connected to our Higher Selves, God/ Source/ All. Unconditional sharing of joy allows the recipient to also be connected. We continue to share joy until it has spread around the world. We only need one person to begin the process, and just a few to help move it forward. Interesting!

In round two, I selected happiness as my first experience. Happiness leads to playfulness, joy, love and gratitude (amongst others). Gratitude brings us in alignment with more things that bring more happiness. It puts us into the flow, which in turn, brings us peace. And when in peace, we maintain our alignment. We are held and carried within the flow, which is also our life’s flow. *Flow is a state of non-resistance where we manifest what we truly desire in alignment with our soul’s purpose, but do so in an effortless manner. Life becomes easy and effortless. I also experienced that playfulness opens us to more guidance and information from our Guides, Higher Selves, and God/ Source/ All. 

The second choice this time was peace. When I started, I realized I had a tiny concept of what peace is… but that I really didn’t know much. All of that was explained with ease. Akin to love, peace encompasses all higher states of being (positive emotions). In other words, living consistently, moment to moment in any of the higher emotions (states) will lead directly to peace. Once we choose to live our entire lives in balanced alignment, we are automatically living in peace and grace. Peace is being in and maintaining alignment, within the flow. Think of it as an easy, guided life. In particular, they showed me that it comes easily from love, joy, happiness and gratitude. And it enables us to stay within the flow. So that when things occur that may appear to be “negative” or “out of alignment”, we acknowledge and view them objectively. But we allow them to move past us quickly after the initial acknowledgment, because we are not directing any energy nor additional thoughts or emotions toward them. We immediately refocus on what we do desire. And while remaining in the state of peace, we continue to draw to us the other experiences that are in alignment with our true desires and soul’s purpose. (These messages are based on my current mental and emotional states and level of consistent manifestation, which is similar to where many of us exist now. I did receive information afterward with more details of this concept and will speak about it in another blog post soon.) 

My guides also explained that peace is free of tension, strife, struggle, stress and resistance. It is nearly effortless once we have established the positive thoughts and emotional habits. Positive thought and emotion habits are another way to describe the start of manifestation. My guides are really wanting to reframe our concept of what manifestation truly means… They say our view of what it means to manifest is misconstrued. lol So, we will now refer to this portion of the process as positive thought and emotion direction or habits. They want to reframe our understanding of how to make this (manifestation) work. 

Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed these vision journeys. Feel free to comment any questions or thoughts you have. I’m absolutely open to communicating with you about any of this information. If you need clarification, please ask. These concepts are a bit tricky to translate into English. lol I absolutely understand that follow-up questions may be in order. 

Do you have spiritual topics you want to hear more about? Comment them below and I will happily share what I’ve learned. And if you have additional information on this particular concept, please share! As always, your thoughts on these messages are welcome and encouraged! 

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Thank you for reading. So much love to you… See you in the next post!