Meditation Tips And Tricks!

So you want to meditate? It sounds easy, right? Then you try it… and a three ring circus moves into your mind and takes over. lol If this sounds about right, I’m here to lend a helping hand. Meditation can be fun, relaxing and illuminating. I’ll give you my tips and tricks to subdue the “monkey” that hangs out in your brain. And I’ll help you look at the entire experience from a new angle. So here’s my meditation experiences and advice for all of you beautiful meditation novices:

When I first began meditating I used guided meditations. After the initial adjustment, I had the realization that I needed to release control. I was then, easily able to hold a focus and maintain quiet in my mind. Through repeated practice, I could literally tell my conscious mind to focus on my breath. When random thoughts were passing through, simply saying “shush” would work to get a quiet mind. 

It was when my Guides suggested that I do quiet meditation, that things went a bit nuts. lol I encountered a lot of distraction, both from my own mind and with what I thought meditation was “supposed” to be. Like many of you, upon closing my eyes and being quiet, my once calm-ish mind became a chatty monkey. Without a guided meditation to focus on, anything annoying became possible. Such as the chorus of songs I don’t like or listen to, playing on repeat. My thoughts becoming wildly loud. Thoughts repeating on a loop happened often. Ya… I was beyond frustrated and at times, desperate. I attempted to use the methods I used for guided meditation and control the thoughts. Pushed them out, only for them to boomerang back. “Shush” was a total joke. In one attempt, I created an empty white room with a solitary chair, in my mind. The idea was to hold space for quiet meditation. Only to have the thoughts throw a raging party outside. My mind was a chaotic mess and I was its hostage. lol It felt as if my consciousness was fighting me. I heard my guides tell me to use my headphones. I tried that and it helped a bit, but my conscious mind was still showing me an exaggerated version of what occurred in my daily life.

As I usually do, I asked my Guides for help. They guided me to search out a particular YouTube video on meditation. They often give me search terms when doing this, and it was, “How to quiet mind for meditation”. Per usual, my intuition told me which video to watch. The girl looked so young. But I listened with an open mind. This sixteen-year old's meditation experience had yielded something I had not yet done. She found that through listening to her heartbeat and breath, her a.d.d. was quieted and she felt peace. Cue the headphones, baby! It was a start! 

After this search, I received the following message from my guides: The trouble with forcing a quiet space... 

1st: I’m controlling everything. There’s no surrender in those actions. They then showed me visuals of my experiences where I controlled my thoughts and tried to snuff them out.

2nd: Actually trying to “create” a quiet space isn’t needed or viable. They then showed me a visual of my attempt to create an empty white room with the chair. Where I sat down in nothing. I couldn’t hold it for long because my conscious mind was a loud distraction, just outside. (Talk about a desperate idea… hahaha!)

3rd: Focus not on creating a still, quiet space. Focus instead on listening to my breath, and feeling my heartbeat. The quiet space will occur naturally.

4th: Once I allow it to occur without an action on my behalf - I will remember that state of existence and will find it always.

5th: Much like the first go around with guided meditations… Relinquish of control released my mind and equaled surrender to the experience. Which equated to ease of meditation. 

My guides had pegged everything right on the mark, as always. (Must be lovely to have that illuminated vantage point!) So, over the next few months, we worked on releasing control, fear, doubt, a feeling of boredom, and so much more. Throughout this meditation journey, I have learned a lot. Some things I’ve received from my Guides, and others I picked up on my own are:

Come into meditation with a youthful, almost child-like mindset. This is about having fun while exploring. Meditation is not about making things fit into tiny, logic filled boxes. Think of playing with your friends as a child and using your imagination to create worlds. This is the mindset you want to be in while you meditate. It’s about expanding your horizons, releasing limitation and regaining knowledge and wisdom. It’s centering, aligning and understanding who you truly are, as a whole being. Exciting stuff! 

Be diligent, but stay calm and be patient with yourself. And a sense of humor about your meditation journey is a must! Be in a positive, happy mindset when you begin any meditation. It helps in so many ways!

Try to focus on the task at hand. Open your mind. Allow yourself to go on this journey without analyzing or criticizing. There is no need to make things logical, right or wrong, good or bad. Just go on the meditative journey and live in the moment of whatever you are experiencing. Be an objective observer or be objective during the experience. Immerse yourself in the here and now.

Everything you experience while in meditation is right for you. You will learn from these experiences. But it is very important to wait to do the analyzation until after you’ve returned. Then write it down or record it immediately.

I also suggest that you leave the possibilities open for what you may want or need to see and experience. If you're doing a guided meditation, be open to something different than what the meditation directs. Often, once I’m open to a certain degree - I am either whisked off or whisk myself off to something else I want to experience. That’s fine too. These guided meditations are designed to help you lift yourself up. Once lifted, you can explore as you, your Higher Self and Higher and Master Guides see fit. If you're doing a meditation that isn't guided, be open to experiencing anything that feels good. lol  

Oh and don’t fight or struggle with your conscious thoughts. Just allow them to do their thing, and direct your focus toward being fully present in the experience. Fighting or trying to control them only creates more struggle, resistance, and often more thoughts… Which is pointless. Just let them be, accept them, but do not focus on them. Eventually, you will barely notice them, if at all.

Always remember that with a mere thought, we can create anything. So, if you decide or intend that you want to see or experience something while in a meditative state — it will happen instantly. There is absolutely no reason for fear and doubt. Just toss those out the window. You are an eternal, spiritual being. You are safe. If you have fears about exploring through meditation, ask your Guides and Angels to join you on the meditation, guide you, while keeping you safe. Ta-dah! Problem solved. lol

Lastly, make sure you are in a calm, quiet space, and will be free of interruptions. Turn your phone off, put it on do not disturb, or place it on vibrate in another room. 

I love interaction, so… If you have questions, or (pleasant) comments, please leave them below. Feel free to also comment any thoughts you have with regard to this post. And I’ve included a list of topics for your inspiration in the video descriptions on my YouTube channel. Your suggestions are welcome. I’m excited to talk about what you want to know!

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 Thursday, November 17, 2016