Vision Of The Future: Soul's Purpose

Have you ever wondered how the world would be if we were able to relate to one another through positivity and feeling connected? Ever dreamt about a utopian version of Earth? Well, you’re in luck! I received two visions and a download about the possibility of these realities. And you’ll be surprised to know… That even though we are currently experiencing so much polarity and witnessing such human on human, and human on nature horrors… The people of Earth have a potential path (with a high probability), for achieving such a beautiful existence. And yes, amazingly enough, this potential path can occur within our lifetime. 

Earlier this year I had many questions regarding the change I felt in my soul’s purpose and life path trajectory. The answers I received were an overview of my spiritual role in this world. I also received details of how higher vibrating transformation will occur on an individual and global level. After having the visions, I received the download as follow up information. I am still processing. That much information can equate to what feels like a lifetime of learning. lol But my Guides have suggested that I share with you now, and write a follow-up in the future, if I feel the need. So yes, this is not a complete version of my visions and the download. However, I have digested enough information that we feel it is perfectly shareable as it is now. It is with great love that we hope you can perceive this potential path. If you feel —called, feel free to let me know… And please take action.

The beginning of the visions showed me 200 people all over the planet, moving throughout their daily lives. All of these people are on Enlightenment and Ascension paths. As they raised their vibration to love or above, the vibration of the people around them began to raise as well. It showed these 200 catalysts, as my Guides termed them, acting as an awakening amplifier for everyone with which they came into contact. Merely existing in the same room, block, neighborhood, city — allowed for an awakening. The first wave of catalysts awakened so many people, and of those people were many more catalysts. As the second wave of awakened ones began to open, raising their vibrations further, their elevation followed. As each new catalyst began to develop spiritually, they too acted as a magnifier for the next group’s awakening. This was occurring simultaneously on a global level... And it was happening fast. My Guides tell me that each catalyst when at an optimal vibration, can awaken 100,000+ people. That’s simply amazing!

The vision showed me a series of personal memories. In my early twenties, I was more open and elevated than I had ever been. I was wild and free spirited back then, partying and hanging out with a lot of people. At one point, I was so open that my energy began to serve as an amplifier for the people with which I was spending time. As a medium, I was used to seeing things that most people couldn’t fathom. I was accustomed to my energy acting as a charging station for beings and people who had crossed over. But my energy was thrusting acquaintances and total strangers into a blocked mediumship state. Most people’s third eyes weren’t fully open, hence, they were blocked. Naturally, they would begin to panic at seeing streaks, lights and shadows… And at sensing things around them that they couldn’t quite see. I eventually began giving these new people a disclaimer as soon as it looked like we would be hanging out for prolonged periods of time. “You’re going to see things you can’t explain. It’s not you. It’s me. I’m a medium. You will stop seeing things once you’ve been away from my energy for about thirty minutes. You are safe. There is no reason to be afraid.” It was always an awkward conversation, but I felt it was fair to give them a warning. lol After all, hanging out with me was going to thrust them into the world of mediums without any experiential training.

So, my Guides brought back a flood of all these dormant memories. I saw myself giving each person the disclaimer, and them seeing and experiencing things. Then they referenced this energy and correlated it to the energy of the catalysts. They made a point to note that the same situation was not going to occur. But that the catalysts will be an energy amplifier for the un-awakened, un-opened and non-expanded people. This was a way for the Guides to explain how the catalyst energy would work but on a much purer and vast scale. Rather than seeing and experiencing dead people by an energetic charge that thinned that veil, people will receive a lift of the human veil of perception. Everyone will then be able to discern concepts, ideals, frequencies and so much more that weren’t possible prior awakening. With this newfound vibration, they will understand our interconnectedness with one another and the rest of the universe. And with this awakening, the release of struggle, strife, doubt and fear will follow. It will bring a great freedom to each of us, and the planet.

They cut to a bit of my personal path here. I was a first wave catalyst, but I was joined by a few friends that I won’t name just yet. We were spearheading an organization of catalysts, so to speak. We were traveling the globe, connecting with other catalysts. It was our mission or path to create a global team of expansion ambassadors. They also showed me that we weren’t the only people contracted to this soul path. There were many catalysts around the globe doing the same initial team building tasks… And eventually, our teams would merge. My friends and I were also multi-tasking. We had a sort of wellness center in our home city where we held various spiritual "expansion" events. And we also traveled to meet with and invite others as they became aligned with our global group of healers, energy workers, light workers, starseeds, spiritualists, etc. The sole purpose of this group was to assist humanity in any way needed, as the needs arose. There was not a leader, per se, just organizers. Within the global group were facets that had specialties. And of these many facets were smaller groups which worked as complete treatment teams. As an issue arose within a country, the leaders would call us to send whoever was aligned to manage and raise the vibration of what was happening. This was done on a personal level, person to person. The specific instance they showed me was somewhere in the middle east. A country leader or politician (if you can call him that, he was so full of light) contacted me in my home office. He told me the details about a neighborhood of people who needed healing within his country. I remote viewed into the neighborhood and realized they were experiencing doubt, mistrust, and fear, which would eventually lean toward hate. It was imperative that we send the pertinent group to the suffering people’s aid immediately. I made a call to a specific group, some were already in the area. The global team of expansion ambassadors gathered with the people to discuss the issues and help them move physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, past what they were experiencing. Each healer acted in their specialty role, but as a whole, they treated every aspect of each person. It was effective and beautiful to feel. No one was left to suffer, no one was left behind. After all, we understood that we are connected. We are one.

My next glimpse was of global ease. Almost everyone was awakened, opened and expanded. It was beautiful, peaceful and full of so much love. We also had a great understanding of our role in the universe and were learning about our position in the cosmos. We were advancing technologically at lightning speed, but doing so with well thought out technology and science. "Harm not us, nor the planet, nor our co-inhabitants. Create only what can be safely disposed of once its usefulness has passed." Conservation was of utmost importance. We were awakened to solutions for our future, the future of our planet and all of its inhabitants. 

The second vision and immediate download occurred shortly after the first vision. Many of my questions were answered about the first vision. Why now? How will this work on a political or governmental scale? How do we go from the state we are in now, to one of global peace? Will this occur in my lifetime? These were some of my queries, amongst other questions.

I was shown that the goal is to effect the vibration of billions of people who aren’t initially willing to do it for themselves. Once awakened, people experience truth and will desire to open and develop spiritually. Catalysts are a kick-start for those who have become blinded and weighed down by the human creation. We lift the human perception veil for all those who cannot see past its influence. This is a global event, happening simultaneously across the world. Many of us have contracted at this soul path level to accomplish what our collective souls have cried out to change. I was shown that humanity as a whole, has cried out for the move from the Age of Pisces (mind), to the Age of Aquarius (heart). Everyone from newly incarnated infants to elderly people decided at a soul level that we want change. We have grown weary of the heaviness, struggle, strife, and disconnection. The next phase of existence as humans will be to move from 3rd to 4th density. This move came early, by around 640 years. The transition began before 2012 and continues now. But the main energy shift occurred around 2012. I saw that with this shift, more light was allowed into each human and into the Earth. With the addition of greater light, came confusion and illumination of the darkness — so to speak. Many people who are holding onto the old Age of the Mind are experiencing rifts within themselves. These rifts can be healed by simply turning inward and experiencing their own eternal soul, which is filled with love. Others are often confused by the shift and experience it as a drive for meaningful change, solely in their physical lives. Akin to a mid-life crisis that generally happens for a particular demographic at a specific time in one's life. It is now affecting anyone at any stage of their life. lol While yet others are focused on awakening, opening or expanding. Each of these phases are as they should be right now. Think of them as a last hoorah on an experiential level. That said, the people experiencing the first phases will choose change in whatever manner is harmonic. These self-made alterations will occur as they are awakened to light, truth, connection and other aspects of the enlightenment age.

My Guides also showed me that the awakened will begin to call out for political change, but it won’t simply be with their voices. As their energy shifts to hold more light, their desires will also shift. In doing so, some of the newly opened will answer a calling of their path to move into politics. This new breed of politician arises as the catalysts and awakened, become numerable. People in every nation around the globe begin to make different social and political choices. The new style of politician is voted into all government positions. The governments begin to make decisions from an enlightened vantage point. Global changes are enacted from governmental levels based on the illuminated viewpoints and expressions. Global peace occurs once the governments are transformed through the awakened leaders. And around this time, our global group of light-bearers or expansion ambassadors are set in motion. ("Catalysts" and "Expansion ambassadors" are what my Guides termed us. I’m not sure what names we will go by. If we need titles, I think they will be decided by the group. lol) My Guides then explained that all of this can transpire without violence. Those who struggle will feel ease once the awakening has occurred. And yes, all of this occurs within my lifetime

And so you see, that the closest thing to a utopian planet I’ve ever dreamed about, is a potential path with a high probability. I’m committed to seeing it through. It is my humble hope that you are too. 

Do you resonate with the catalysts or the expansion ambassadors? If so, send me a message for more discussion and further details.

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