You’re An Empath: 5 Tips To Help You Attain Empathic Balance

Being an empath can seem overwhelming at times. But remember that you have been gifted with the ability to experience life on a deeper level. You are living life expanded with access to more of your soul. In doing so, you are connected to people, plants, animals, and energy with a beautiful depth. In this post, I offer five tips I’ve discovered during my quest for empathic balance.

Tip 1:  Take time to learn who you are so that you have discernment when you are experiencing energy that is from outside yourself. Be mindful that energy can be mental, emotional, and physical.

Tip 2:  Practice self-care in whatever forms bring you peace, love, pleasure, and ease. Focus on things that also help you feel centered. These practices allow you to make time for yourself. Which is important for people who tend to spend so much of your day involved with and helping others. This also assists those of you who feel as if you are bombarded by others all day, often leaving you feeling depleted at the day’s end.

Tip 3:  Ground yourself daily. An easy way to do this is to spend time in nature regularly. When doing this, you will begin to understand and enjoy the subtle energies of this beautiful world. A perk from doing this regularly is that you will enjoy glimpses into aspects of the world that others simply walk by.

In my mind, there are a couple of other things that are integral. They are: quiet and higher self meditation and giving yourself up to, but not limited to, a five-minute acclamation period when entering locations where large groups exist.

Tip 4:  There are many fantastic options available for quiet and higher self meditations. A simple quiet meditation you can start with is:

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Relax your body.
  • Focus on taking deliberate breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • As you become fully relaxed, you will allow thoughts to enter, briefly acknowledge them consciously (no need to think words), and bring your focus back to your breathing.
  • You will reach a point of quiet but expansive stillness.
  • Begin to focus on your heart. Feel your heart energy. Feel into your heart energy. Observe (without words) how it makes you feel. Allow these feelings to wash through you. Enjoy these feelings for a bit.
  • Direct your focus to the energy outside your body, about four to six feet beyond you. Observe (without words) how this energy feels. Enjoy these feelings for a bit.
  • Bring yourself back to a full body consciousness.
  • Slowly and gently open your eyes.
  • Stretch and allow yourself to fully awaken.

You will find love, happiness, joy, and many other beautiful states of being. You will feel centered, safe, and supported. And you will feel and understand who you are as a soul. It really puts things in perspective. It also helps empaths to understand who we truly are versus what we are experiencing in our daily moments and interactions.

Tip 5:  The final tip is how to enter spaces with large groups of people.

  • Before entering, create a door in your mind that represents the allowance of outside energy. Shut the door.
  • Say your hellos as you enter (if applicable).
  • Then find a place to remain stationary while you adjust to the bombardment of energy coming from everyone else.
  • Sit comfortably.
  • Create a volume knob to represent the level of energy you allow into your field. Turn the dial down to a comfortable, low level. (Visualize an old-school knob dial. It will represent the level of energy you are allowing in from outside yourself.)
  • Focus on your own energy.
  • You will do this while slowly opening the door to the outside energy.
  • And while slowly opening the door, you will also slowly turn the volume up on the external energy (that probably feels like it is pressing on you).
  • Open the door and turn up the volume to allow comfortable levels of energy into your field.

In doing this, you will adjust to the external environment in a peaceful way. Take as much time as is comfortable to allow the outside energy into your field. When you are done, it will feel like a natural progression has happened. For me, this is far preferable to being slammed with so much of what feels like everything all at once. I also suggest that you challenge yourself over time to do this faster, to open the door wider, and to turn the volume up higher. Full force and strength is the end goal. Eventually, using this technique will become automated into your system. Living life as open as possible while balanced is the end goal here.

I’ve spent years experimenting and creating different methods to find balance with my empathic abilities. When needed I use the methods I’ve shared, amongst others. I’m rarely overwhelmed anymore. And it’s very easy for me to feel the separation of what is me and mine versus everything and everyone else’s. Once you can do that, being an empath becomes enjoyable in every aspect.

As always, do what feels right for you. Use my tips as a jumping off point for your own experiments. Play around with what works best for you. You’ll find your balance. If I can do it, so can you!

I hope you found “You’re An Empath: 5 Tips To Help You Attain Empathic Balance” useful and informative. Feel free to comment (positively) below or ask any questions you may have. I love interaction! So please share stories about your experiences. I’m also totally open to topic requests for my blog, YouTube channel, and my Facebook page.

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Photo: Geralt, Pixabay