Break free of drama

If you’re feeling anxiety, break free of all the drama. It’s time for a mental and emotional break. We’re not designed to carry the mental and emotional weight of the world. It’s perfectly okay to unplug from the media and unplug from your drama addicted friends and family - and take a break.

Give yourself time to breathe and allow your mental and emotional bodies space to reset. Your physical body will follow by releasing the stress it’s holding.

And while on your break, do things that bring you joy and make you happy. And set boundaries. If it doesn’t meet the criteria of relaxing, happy, joyful, peaceful, extravagant or basic needs - it’s a hard “no”.

And don’t be surprised if you find your drama addictions while you’re taking time off from drama. Lol  It’s a great way to take a mental note of why you’re attracting and allowing so much drama into your life. But don’t worry about what you find. It’s good to see your attachments so you know what to release! Once your break is over, you’ll have plenty of time to weed them out of your habits and patterns.

Happy drama free time!

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