So without, so within. Part One.

So without, so within. Part One.

I have been receiving so much information about the energies of the times we are in. It is a time of clearing out the old, yet it is ripe with limitless possibilities. But for this post, “So without, so within” is playing on repeat.

I call this time, “The Great Purge”. I say that with a sassy smile, and it makes me giggle giving it such a strong title. But in all seriousness… Humanity, yes - you and me, are being called to awaken to the aspects that no longer serve us. More than that, we’re being called to release, transmute, integrate, and heal these aspects so we can move into a more balanced and expanded state of being. Being healthy, grounded, and maintaining a high vibration is a dedication of love. It requires us to look within and choose to be exactly who we want to be in every moment. Initially, at least, I feel that is part of what it means to be awakened.

Amongst other amazing spiritual experiences and remembrances, I’ve been devoted to being in ‘Shadow Work Land’ for the past three years. I’ve been integrating, healing, releasing, and transmuting with love. Re-writing my learned behaviors, beliefs, and perceptions. Uniting my fractured pieces. All the while understanding that, though meaning well, humanity has often guided ourselves in ways that are misinterpreted and imbalanced. Seeing that these ways have served their purpose, and can now be moved beyond on a mass level makes my heart so happy.

It’s time to learn how to walk our world in new and healthy ways. And to determine how to do so in a manner that supports creation, longevity, and balance. The old ways had their place, but now it’s time to embody our light in a more full, multidimensional manner. And this expanded embodiment begins with us as individuals. By being the highest versions of ourselves, we create a shift in the collective energies. When enough of us are embodying this as individuals, the global scene will change. That’s what people mean when they say, “the change starts with you,” and “be the change you wish to see in the world”. It’s about rewriting our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs - a purification of a sort. It’s not about spouting outward platitudes and pretending there is no darkness within us. It’s about awareness. Recognizing where we retained false energies and created false beliefs, then changing from within. It’s about seeing our shadows as valid, and as reflections - but doing so from a love space without a judgmental lens.

So much love, from my heart to yours… 

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