Phases of Ascension: Open. Awaken. Expand.

My Guides brought these terms into my life and I use them often. So I would like to explain what they mean to me. My hope is that they will be helpful to you, or serve as validation.

I experience them as phases of ascension. However, they are a simplified view as ascension is deeply impactful, paths are quite personal, and experiences are unique and complex. These phases are blended. They are not truly linear. So within each phase, you will find aspects of the others. This is why I use them together. Open. Awaken. Expand.

Please note that these are short, loose interpretations of how I currently perceive and experience ascension. As I expand, my perceptions will grow and change. That is the way these beautiful, spiritual processes work. So I allow room for the way I experience anything spiritual and multidimensional to grow and change as I do.

To begin to see, sense, feel, or know that you are more - that you are designed to be bigger than you have allowed yourself to be before this moment. And to feel a draw or desire for something deeper. To realize you have a connection with the divine.

Self-awareness along with a strong pull to change from within and to be of service to the world. To energize and cultivate your connection with the divine. To begin seeking the knowledge, wisdom, and balance you hold within yourself. The quests of, “who am I?”, and “what do I resonate with?”... And, “how can I help the world?” or “how can I be of service?”.

To understand your divinity through connection, to see the divinity in others, and in all beings. To determine how you can be of service, and act upon these revelations. To understand that you are constantly evolving, growing, and becoming. Knowing that everything and everyone else is also in this beautiful state of flux. Releasing judgment (in all its forms), integration of your shadows, embracing unconditional love, and embodying more of your multidimensional, true nature. In essence, you align with your soul’s purpose and become the embodiment of these experiences in our world.

And as with everything in this world, only accept what feels right for you personally.

I’m so grateful to be on this amazing journey, co-creating with all of you beautiful souls! Thank you for reading! 

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