Simple Way To Consciously Develop Your Intuition

Intuition… It’s a part of our internal guidance system. We use it constantly in our daily lives. And consciously honing it allows us to begin to trust ourselves on a very deep level.

Think of your intuition as your compass. It allows you to know true north at all times. Everyone has intuition. And developing yours can mean the difference between knowing how to be in the right place at the right time and living a seemingly charmed life... Or feeling as if you’re just shy of attaining what you want, need, and desire.

Intuition is that magic ingredient “charmed” people hone that allows them to know when to act, when to wait, what decisions to make at the exact right time, and which ideas to follow or let go. It’s the “live the life of your dreams” guide. And it happens in our heart space, not in our mind. But let’s not throw out our mind just yet, the two do work together. We just need to recognize when to use the heart’s intuition, and when to allow the mind to do it’s thing. lol

So how do you know the difference between your intuition and your mind? Simple! With intuition, the answers are found in your body and your emotions. But let’s ask your mind some questions to get us started.

Do you trust that you always know the best next step to take in your life, in any situation?

Do you feel confident in your ability to make decisions that lead to your continual happiness and fulfillment?

Do you second guess your decisions once you have made them?

Do you need to seek out everyone else’s opinions to weigh against your own before making a decision?

Congratulations! You’re human. Lol. But seriously, this is all very normal. The inspiration comes when we realize that we can minimize and eliminate these behaviors just by checking in with our own intuition. And we begin to change our lives for the better when we realize there is an easier and more fulfilling way to live.

Here’s a great and simple way to begin:

You’re going to feel the sensations that happen in your body as you say the following words aloud. And these sensations will tell you what is true and what is not.

Say aloud:
My name is _______.
Then choose a name of the opposite sex that isn’t your name. And say, my name is _______.
Now repeat these steps, speaking with more intention, and feel how your body responds.

My name is  _______.
Do you feel light, relaxed, clear?

Now the other name that isn’t yours.
My name is  _______.
Do you feel tightness, heaviness, tension, and resistance in your chest area? Does your stomach or gut area do a little tight flip, or just tighten up?

About the sensations… Your sensations could be different than mine. But whatever they are, they are there as communication with you. Any physical or emotional response is okay just as it is, there is no right or wrong response. It’s simply your body’s way of communicating. And I’m sure that whatever it is is a perfect match for you.

Repeat these steps as many times as it takes for you to sense the subtle differences that occur in your body as you are speaking. This is a simple way to become familiar with how you feel when you speak your truth. And how you feel when you speak or know your truths is called intuition. This is an introduction to conscious intuition.

You may have even noticed that your voice changes as you speak these words. For your name, you automatically sound happier. Your tone may even get higher as you say your name, and lower as you say the name that isn’t yours.

And do you also notice how you feel emotionally as you do this exercise while switching between the two names? If not, try it again and place your attention on the feelings that coincide with you speaking these statements.

It’s interesting, right? Are you beginning to see how we are wired in every way to know, sense, feel, and understand our truths?

Now apply this method to a simple question you have about something in your life. But create the question as a statement. Start small, like, “I’m going to have a great time at the movies this Friday night.” If you’re feeling the answers your body is giving and feel like a pro, step it up with something like, “I will love the new job I just applied for.” Or, “I’m going to have a great time on my date with ____.” Your body will always tell you if what you are saying is true. And once you’ve practiced this a bit and are seeing the results of your intuited statement/ answer sessions, you can start asking questions. Your body will do the exact same things with questions about anything you want to know regarding your life and the decisions you face.

Just remember to remain an objective observer as you are speaking statements or asking questions. Keep your mind out of the process. Feel and observe your body and your emotional responses. If you try to influence the outcome, you can. We’re creators, remember? Lol  The idea is to “hear” our body’s ability to communicate truths, not to lie to ourselves because we’re invested in a particular outcome. So stay neutral and objective. And enjoy the process of honing your intuition in a very conscious way!

This is a really simple method to begin consciously honing your intuition. I recommend repeating it often at the start. And to practice and stay with the neutral statements as long as you need so that you are very familiar with your body’s intuition responses. Then advance to questions as you feel comfortable and are building trust in your own ability to discern and translate your body’s physical and emotional messages. Before you know it, you will be consciously aware of your body’s responses to all of your thoughts, feelings, plans, decisions, dreams, goals, etc. And soon after that, you will instinctively allow yourself to be guided by your intuition in every situation and circumstance. And that’s called being in the flow of life!

What do you feel about this topic? Do you have your own insights? Are you also sensing and receiving the same information as I am? If so, share them below in the comments.

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