So without, So Within. Part Two

So without, so within. Part Two

We are the change. What we see in the world is an amped up reflection of what we carry within ourselves. If we see something that triggers us, we must look within and check out our inner world to determine if we’re holding a sliver of that aspect in us, then take action to change it from within. That is how we will effect change in our global environment. Our world emulates or reflects us as individuals. And I’m called to note that “The Great Purge” will continue as long as we, as individuals, have aspects to release, heal, integrate, and transmute. As long as we are in need of a giant spotlight shined upon what needs to be released, there will be a giant, global reflection to mirror what we have going on inside us as individuals.

Because of this, I suggest to utilize the energy of this time to lovingly and gently work with yourself. A perk of doing so is that you will be a shining example that encourages your friends and family to do the same. If you are unsure of how to begin, look within and ask your Guides. If you do not feel you are ready to begin on your own, seek out someone who can help you get started on this part of your journey. Many of us are called to assist with the transition of this time. And you can find us at the press of a button and the swipe of a finger. Find one of us that you resonate with and ask questions, book sessions, and get started. Because meeting this inevitable challenge head on means that we, as a collective, have chosen to move into what my Guides call, “The Great Reveal”.

We effect change in our lives and our world constantly. “The Great Purge” is the first step in creating a more balanced, high vibratory world. Each and every one of us can choose to do this willingly from a space of love, ease, and enthusiasm. Or we can choose to make this process long, drawn out, intense, and complicated. How you experience this time is up to you. And the path you are on is meant to give you that particular experience. No path is “right” or “wrong”. (You can at any moment, however, opt into one of ease.) Only you know the type of journey you are choosing. Right now, this year being the beginning, it’s time for a bit of Spring cleaning of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Doing so will show us that anything is possible. Hence the phrase “The Great Reveal”.

I have began work on an e-course based on the teachings my Etheric Team has given me with regards to moving through and evolving during this time. The goal is to give each of us practical application of the tools that are needed during this transition. I will let you know when the eCourse is created.

So much love to you all…  

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