How to live your happiest, most joyful life.

Let’s talk about how to live your happiest, most joyful life. I often say that happiness is a choice. But are you aware that it’s also a birthright? 

As a soul, you have incarnated to live so many different experiences during your lifetime. And your perception of those experiences governs whether you view them as positive or negative moments. But you have the ultimate free will. And with that freedom comes the ability to choose. You can choose how you live your life. You get to decide how you respond and react to your experiences, if at all. And you are able to live in a way that attracts what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want. This is our birthright - to choose… And one of the most powerful choices we can make is to live in love, joy, peace, and happiness.

If your life isn’t the life of your dreams, you can hit the reset button on your beliefs and patterns that aren’t serving you. It is possible to reprogram yourself to support your dreams - and to do so in a way that doesn’t take years or decades to see the changes.

Are you self-aware? Are you able to see that your thoughts, focus, and where you place your emotional responses brings you more of what you put energy into? If not, that is where you will begin - with cultivating awareness. If so, you are ready to alter your internal world so you will effect change in your external world. Because yes, it really is that simple. Your beliefs, internal communication, and focus all form your external world. And you are absolutely able to change any and all of these things so they benefit you.

How? There are so many methods to get you there, but I’ll share some of my favorites to help you get started.

✨ Gratitude. Be grateful for all the good things in your life. The practice of gratitude will bring to you more things of which to be grateful. This creates a loop of beautiful things that bring you happiness and joy and offers more opportunities to exercise gratitude. Gratitude is a magic ingredient that enables you to quickly shift into a life you love.

✨ Reprogramming your beliefs and thoughts through affirmations. Words are powerful and can assist you with changing many of your beliefs about yourself, others, and the world. But you must say them with intention and focus. And repetition is key here. Your body will tell you if you’re on board, or resisting. So pay attention to your body’s communications.

✨ Shadow work. This is a non-judgmental manner with which you integrate, heal, transmute, and release your lower vibratory aspects through unconditional love and acceptance. Resistance creates more resistance, but a willingness to look at the truth of your more shadowy aspects can set you free. This is not as scary as it sounds, but it does require dedication and inner strength.

✨ Mindful thinking. This is a great way to truly change the way you think. You will adjust your thoughts by noticing where they are negative, and replacing them with positive opposites. Before you realize it, you will have a head filled with loving, beautiful thoughts… And your life will mirror what you have happening in your head.

✨ Mindfulness practice. Being present in your every moment allows you the freedom to truly experience your life. This practice gets you out of the past and future and into your now moments. And when you’re in the now, you’re fully able to appreciate and live your life with intention and passion.

✨ Intention setting. This is a practice similar to affirmations, but in intention setting you create declarations based on your heart’s desires and soul’s purpose. When speaking these aloud, you visualize yourself in these moments as if they’re happening now. And you feel them as if you’re experiencing them in the moment. This allows your vibration to become harmonious with your intentions and you manifest them in your life quickly.

✨ Self-love. Giving yourself unconditional love and support allows you to become your highest version. With self-love you are able to disengage from destructive behaviors and dysfunctional patterns and relationships. You become all you truly need in life. This means you’re able to fully appreciate the people with which you choose to grow. Through self-love you’re able to give to others and the world with the fullness they deserve. And you can give with the magnitude and strength of your soul’s power without depletion.

✨ Release judgment. This is a practice that applies to you, others, and situations. When you release judgment you enable yourself to grow within your truths and release limitations. And you become the objective observer. From this vantage you see and experience truth through unconditional love and are able to live with compassion and a broader understanding. It opens the mind and heart and allows them to work as one.

✨ Joyful living. Following your joy is a seemingly miraculous way to live your happiest life. It leads to more of your heart’s desires. And this passionate way of living always leads to your soul’s purpose.

I could go on and on about the myriad of ways in existence that will help you live a happy, fulfilled life. But I think this is enough for now. 

It is my deepest desire that each of you create the life of your dreams. And I’m grateful to be of assistance as you choose this beautiful journey.

What do you feel about this topic? Do you have your own insights? Do you have information to offer that will be of assistance to others? If so, share them below in the comments.

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