We are the catalysts for humanity’s next phase of evolution

We are the catalysts for humanity’s next phase of evolution.


We live in an exciting time. It’s this beautiful dynamic, overflowing with change that’s going to continually be ‘in the works’ due to the waves of ascension we will experience for hundreds of years to come.


And I truly believe that we way-showers, light-workers, and change-makers need to be conscious that we are the leading edge. We are holding space and guiding the changes in global consciousness and evolution. That’s why we’re opening, awakening, and expanding all across the globe. It’s our responsibility and a great honor to ground the new ascension energies into ourselves and our world. And we get to decide that we will do it with humor, peacefulness, compassion, grace, gratitude, and love.


There are enough struggling humans on this planet right now… Soo many. We can provide a counter-balance to their doubt, pain, and fear. If enough of us are producing and magnifying beautiful energies, we will aid them in moving through their darkness and into the light. And we will also effect change in the collective consciousness.


Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t acknowledge that we have our own darkness to heal, release, and transmute. But that we can choose to face our shadows with awareness, courage, acceptance, strength, and through the universal love that we call unconditional love. It’s not that we don’t have shadows. It’s that we choose to heal and incorporate our shadows in a way that enhances ourselves and our world.


We can ride the waves instead of struggling against the tides. We can become our highest and best versions. We can remember what we came here to offer during this amazing time of transition, and wholeheartedly give those gifts to the world. We can shine so brightly that we, as a collective of expanding souls, illuminate the hearts and minds of everyone we encounter. And we can hold space and ground these beautiful ascension energies into ourselves, our collective, and our planet. We choose these things because we are the catalysts for the next phase of humanity’s evolution.


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