New Paradigm: From warriors to guardians

New Paradigm: From warriors to guardians

We’re all experiencing so many changes with the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. And my Etheric-Soul Team has recently brought another change to light.

So many of us were meant to experience the last age as spiritual warriors. Our blueprint contained a strong warrior essence. Yet with the shift, my Team has been retraining me on so many levels. For example: Where there once was an urge to banish lower level entities and energies, returning them to where they belong and a safe distance from humanity, now there is an understanding that those roles have been dissolved. With an elevation in frequency, I am no longer experiencing that dynamic. For me, lower vibratory beings and energies are not to be feared or battled anymore. They are to be responded to with love, light, and gratitude. Because it is their gift to be able to show us the things in the spectrum that we’ve incorporated but cannot see. I am told that the archetypical struggle between light and dark is not necessary as we ascend.

The energy of this time has shifted from our energetically low hanging fruit being illuminated by beings who embody those aspects for us to receive external queues. And is now drawing our focus inward, by allowing us to play out our aspects within ourselves and with one another. It is time to be self-aware enough to see them for ourselves. It is time for spiritual warriors to become spiritual guardians.

All beings have a purpose. All beings are born from Source/ God/ Universe/ All/ Great Spirit. Light and dark are complementary. Now those of us who are choosing to elevate can be assisted by those who have the capacity to see our low hanging vibrational fruit, without the theatrical dance. All the low vibratory aspects we choose to hold but no longer serve us can be illuminated in gentle, loving ways. I guess you could say that with our global shift, the contracts between us and many beings who played the antagonist roles with us - were revised.

New aspects of our blueprints have also been revealed. And now we look within for our answers and transmute all of the aspects we’ve carried that are not us, and do not serve our highest good. We come to understand that using each other to play these theatrical roles isn’t necessary anymore either. We learn to recognize our queues and use our innate abilities to transmute our vibrationally low hanging fruit. This requires compassion, gentleness, love, understanding, peacefulness, and connection - amongst many other states of being.

Those of us who are awakened and expanding into more 5th dimensional states of being - we can choose to release certain aspects of duality. And we are called to shift from warriors to guardians. It’s time to learn how to provide shelter and hold space for humanity as we learn to evolve and ascend. And we begin this process by doing it for ourselves first. We are the change we wish to see in the world. So throw down your swords and pick up your light. For understanding our truths is our power and provides our soul’s purpose room to expand so that we may embody it and share it with the world.

What do you feel about this topic? Do you have your own insights? Are you also sensing and receiving the same information as I am? If so, share them below in the comments.

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