Light Worker

Those who are Awakening to more of our light from within cannot help but to notice the darkness that permeates this world.

But remember that the ability to see the problems is one reason that we are here… We are incarnated at this very moment to be able to see the darkness. Not so we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed or swallowed up by all of the trauma. Instead, we’re here to bring solutions and to be the antidote, if you will.

We see and deeply experience the things that symbolize the heaviness so we know what we’re replacing… We produce manifestations, energy, love, and light that counteracts all of the ugliness. We can transform, transmute, and reform all the low vibratory creations that already exist.

So many things need to change, and when you feel them so deeply it’s easy to get caught up.

But I encourage you to try the opposite… Instead, direct your focus and beautiful energy towards things that your heart desires to create in this majestic world.

Create from the “now” space. Pour your energy into manifesting the magical and magnificent world of your dreams. Because whatever you focus on is what you feed, and it grows strong with your energy... And you, Love, are powerful.

Follow your joy. Produce so much love and light that this world and all the humans are transmuted by your brilliance. Create amazing, beautiful, healing, loving things - and share them with the world. The more of us that do so, the more high vibratory energy we place within the collective energies.

Think of the collective energies that have already been created as a 2-story home that our thoughts, emotions, and energies are filling with air. Let’s just say that the lower vibrations are hot air and the higher are cool air. Right now our home is humid and hot. It’s a sauna in here! We’re all sweating. Lol But we’re pumping cool air in with our light work and the temperature is lowering downstairs.  All of the hot air is being pushed upstairs - because heat rises within a home. Our goal is to produce so much cool air that the downstairs is cold and the entire upstairs becomes cold too. Lol

Eventually, everyone living in the house is cold too, right?! Yes. That’s how this energy replacement works too. The more light and love we add to the planet and the collective energies, the higher vibratory they are… They expand with light, therefore everyone within them becomes lighter and brighter.

As you can see, there’s great truth in why we’ve been named light bringers, light bearers, and light workers. Try to stay focused on the collective end-game while you build and enjoy the life of your dreams.

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