How to tune into the subtle energies to feel crystals

So, I was walking my cute hubby through opening to feel subtle energies. And when we were through, he suggested that I put this information out there for you. Thanks, my Love!! 

One of the things you can do to enable yourself and enhance your ability to sense energy, is to work with things that have a subtle energy.

Crystals, stones, plants of all types and trees all have a more subtle energy to that of humans. It is pretty simple to feel, but to initially feel these items you’ll need a slightly different approach than you would with another person’s energy.

If you aren’t currently tuned into the subtle energy fields, this is a good way to open yourself to them. And with being tuned into them, you will enhance your empathic abilities and your clairs will also get a work out. So it’s a win, win! Let’s get started.

What you need:
Crystal or stone (whatever you are drawn to is perfect)

Place your crystal or stone into your non-dominant hand. Use the opposite hand of the one you use to write. And allow the stone to sit in your palm, but refrain from squeezing or gripping it tightly. Simply close your fingers gently around your crystal.

Close your eyes.
Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind. Once relaxed, move forward.
Speak a greeting to your stone. Ex: Hi beautiful crystal. I’m excited to work with you today.
Move your focus and attention to the hand that is not holding your stone. 
Observe things about the way this hand feels. It is empty. Notice how it feels. The temperature, or how air feels as it crosses your palm. How it is not weighted by holding something. Do this for however long you like until you feel that you understand as much as you can about how your empty hand feels.
Now shift your focus and attention to the hand holding the stone. 
Observe the way this hand feels. Notice the warmth. Feel the weight of the stone. What type of texture does it have? Notice that you can feel the shape of the stone as it sits in your palm. Is there anythings else you can feel?
Feel into the space where the stone and your hand meets. Can you sense a difference in this space when compared to your empty hand. Go ahead and move your focus and attention between the empty hand and the one with the crystal a few times. See if you can really feel the difference between the two.

Focus again on the hand with the crystal. Do you feel a subtle throb in your hand that is touching your stone? Do you also feel a high paced pulsation? If so, you’re doing it!! You are feeling the energy of your stone.

A few things to try once you’ve mastered sensing the energy of a stone:
Try to draw this vibration up from your hand, into your arm.
Pull the energy into your body.
Allow the energy of this stone to merge with your energy.
Ask the stone if it has anything it would like to teach you, or offer you. Sit with an open, still mind and allow this stone to give you mental, emotional and sometimes physical, but still very energetic, messages. They will be subtle fluctuations at first. But with practice, you will be able to feel subtle energy without touching the host.

You will also begin to feel the immediate changes within your energy field and will know immediately what this stone offers you.

Instead of receiving the energy, send your energy to the stone. Sense whether that stone can receive. Maybe it serves as an amplifier? Perhaps it simply allows your energy to flow right through it. Or, it could draw your energy into a finite beam or stream of light.

Just play around, and see what your stone does with your energy.
Try to communicate with the stone, use your psychic abilities, and in other ways. 

Through repeated practice you will become adept at sensing subtle energies. Repeat these steps with many different types of stones.

And once you are able to easily sense the energy from stones, move to potted plants, trees and small animals. Remember to treat the plants, trees and animals with the same respect you would appreciate. They are sentient beings. And like us, they do not respond well to intrusive, rude behavior. So, always greet them and give them love. Then ask permission to work with their energy as well as yours. If you feel that you have permission, continue.

And remember to keep whatever you do of the highest and most respectful energies. You are communicating after all, so use the same love you would use with your favorite people.

Enjoy your journey into the subtle energies! Before you know it, you’ll be playing with and sensing the energies of your Guides, Angels, beings of light, and your star family - because their energy is subtle too!

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