You're A Medium: Tips To Help You Navigate This New World


Are you seeing, hearing or feeling things that aren’t physical? For example, do you see images of shadowy people out of the corner of your eye? Do you hear people talking to you that aren’t physically there, either in your head or audibly? Do you feel people walk around in your space, stand beside your bed, or hang out (like creepers lol) in your closets and bathrooms? Do you have a strong knowing that someone is always in your space?

If so, you’re likely opening to your mediumship qualities. It’s a thing. Lol  We all have mediumship qualities and can access them at any time. So... You’re a medium. What’s next?

As someone who has been a medium since I was young, I want to share some things I’ve learned over the years, along with some tips. My hope is that this information will alleviate some of the trial and error while empowering you with knowledge. Think of this as a jumping off point.

How does this medium thing work?

As a medium, you will always attract those who have left their Earthly bodies. It doesn't matter where you live or where Gaia's portals exist. Spirits can and will be attracted to your vibration. It’s like a beacon of light in the dark. The key is to maintain a vibration (mental, emotional, and physical) that attracts beings and experiences that you enjoy. Drop the fear, doubt, and mistrust and embrace this as a fun experiment. Changing your viewpoint is the start to choosing the experiences you want.

How do I know that I can do this medium thing?

Personal power is a key to most everything in this world. Mediumship is no exception. We are beautiful, expansive beings that exist as more than just what is here in the physical. We are eternal and are powerful at manifesting. This world is our playground. This is our space to define and create as we see fit. We hold the rights to our spaces. Meaning, anyone or anything that wants to hang out in our space requires our permission to stay. So naturally, we have the ability and power to tell other beings to leave us alone, remove themselves from our space, or remove them ourselves. We hold the power through free will. It’s as simple as a direct command. Such as: Leave me alone. Go to the light. Seek assistance elsewhere, I’m not ready. Any of these phrases, when spoken through your personal power, with confident intent, will remove any being from your presence.

Personal power also enables us to know we are to be of service. Whether it is for someone who has crossed over, someone who is still living but has lost someone close to them, or simply by communicating only with the higher realms of etheric beings – we can choose how to use our mediumship skills. Your choice will be easy. You follow whichever of these paths you are drawn to the most. For some of you, one path will call to you. For others, it will be a combination of the paths. And some of you will be called to utilize all the mediumship paths or aspects. In the end, you can choose how you direct and use your mediumship qualities.

How do I manage being a medium?

It is up to you to know your own power, and govern how you allow beings to interact with you and in your spaces. You do this through setting up parameters or rules for the types of interaction that are allowed, and those that will not be permitted. The parameters are set through intention and will. You state your intentions with emotion, unequivocally, that "insert your rules and parameters here" is the way it works with you. You believe in your statements with all your heart - no doubt or wavering. Then ask your Guides and the Angels to manage the types of beings allowed to communicate with you and state that your intention is to ONLY communicate with those beings who are here for your highest and best good. (If you aren’t sure who your Guides are, read my Guides 101 blog post to get yourself started.)

How do I ensure that only good beings are attracted to me?

You commit to yourself and the universe that you are on a path of love and light. (I did this at age twenty and created a little ceremony with a friend.) Ask your Higher Self, Higher Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters to only bring you experiences with spirits and beings that will further and enhance your spiritual growth in fun, joyful, loving, beautiful, peaceful, gentle, and easy ways. And then you work diligently on your own personal vibration. We attract who and what we currently are – so focus on becoming the highest version of yourself that you can be.

How do I enhance my abilities so that I experience through clarity?

You ask your Higher Self, Angels, Higher Guides, and Ascended Masters (The Team) to assist you in opening, expanding and bringing clarity to your Soul Senses in effortless ways, so that you can embrace your experiences without fear of the unknown. Begin daily exercises that hone your Soul Senses (The Clairs). There is a wealth of knowledge out there on honing your Clairs. Seek out what you are attracted to and try it out for a week. If that method doesn’t fit well with you, seek out another method. If it is a good fit for you, continue with the method or methods. And have fun doing it. The energy of play is one of the fastest ways to achieve your desired results.

How can I go from being afraid to feeling confident with my experiences?

Understand that spirits will often share their emotions with you. Sometimes those emotions are not happy. This can happen for many reasons, such as they are reliving their death state, great loss during their life, or are focused on their unfinished business. You will need to hone your empathic skills so that you can easily differentiate between what is yours versus what is someone else’s. Side note: This will also be very helpful for you in your day to day life with those who are still living.

It is also important that you ask The Team to do whatever is needed or required to assure that you are fully supported and protected during every moment, amidst and outside your interactions. This comes through belief in yourself and your Guides. Belief and trust are choices, just like happiness and love.

How do I know if I can trust who I am communicating with?

Ask the Team to help you with spiritual discernment through experiences that are easy to understand and manage, and that are also fun, joyful, loving, beautiful, peaceful, gentle, and easy. Communicating with the dead or other etheric beings is similar to communicating with everyday people. If you’re attentive, it is simple to tell if you are communicating with someone living or crossed over who is choosing to be positive or negative. Notice how you feel in the first few seconds of meeting their energy. I say the first few seconds because I’ve found that to be the time before our minds start to process what is happening. And though an important part of ourselves, our minds can color our spiritual experiences if we allow them to rule. Our feelings are our compass. And in spiritual experiences it helps if we are an objective observer before we analyze or take an action.

How can I feel charged instead of drained by all of this?

Understand that you are a limitless being with a constant source of energy. If you feel depleted, you need only call more light to yourself.

Begin to practice cord cutting and call your energy back to you. These practices work both with the living and the dead.

You will also want to spend as much time each week as you can in nature. It will charge you, cleanse your field, and ground you to Gaia - which helps us to understand our power, center and ground ourselves, calm our thoughts and emotions, and see things clearly. We are designed to be in nature often. So naturally, it provides a multitude of wonderful things for us and our various systems.

How can I protect myself and my space if I am feeling overwhelmed, experiencing too many beings, or negative beings?

You begin a schedule for cleansing yourself and your home on a highly regular basis. During times like this, you should be clearing, cleansing, filling and charging yourself and your home either each day or every two days. Once things die down, you can go to once or twice a week. Eventually, it will be much less. But while you're opening, exploring, and learning about your gifts - you will need to do it more. You can also do a deep cleanse once a week unless you feel you need to do it more. But you should be diligent and constant about burning sage, palo santo wood, other magically charged incense, magically charged candles, or the Angel related candles every day - fill your rooms with those beautiful vibes. Be mindful of the types you choose, as the energy they provide does matter. Think about using things that exude love, light, happiness, joy, protection, peace, purification, serenity, calm, etc... And use rose water or other essential oil combinations to spray around your home. You can also use them in baths or add them to your shower wash - just like adding salt. Speaking of baths, salt baths are a must and should be done regularly. They purify and clear you – which is super important. You can go with fancy salts or simply use table salt. It all works. Lol Adding oils to your baths and for use around your home will enhance your energy and the energy of your spaces. I exercise my love of creating tinctures, combining oils, and creating incense blends through inspiration found in the book:

Incense, Oils, And Brews”, by Scott Cunningham. And I also use, “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs”, also by Scott Cunningham.

Awake Woman has a page with a nice list of essential oils for creating sprays.

AND The Dabblist has a recipe for how to create rose oil from scratch. This is lovely for use on your skin. (Tip: florists will often sell loose petals at a discount.)

AND I use the same method as The Natural Living Idea's method for creating room spray. The vodka keeps the solution from turning quickly by acting as a preservative. Add Himalayan salt to the mix. Toss a small, tumbled rose quartz into the bottle and tah-dah! Instant LOVE spray that also purifies. lol

Basically, rose water is a medium’s bff. It has a super high vibration of love. Love trumps everything of a lower vibration. And sage... Sage is as equally our bff. It clears energetic cobwebs, lower vibrations, purifies and adds soft, gentle, and loving energies instead.

For more information about coping with negative entities, I suggest that you read: Do You Have Dark Entities? Here's How To Get Rid Of Them.”

What should I do to start raising my vibration?

Meditate as often as you can. Meditation is key. If you want to know a few of my meditation tips, read Meditation Tips And Tricks. Then try any of the following: Yoga, Reiki, chi gong, light body meditations, shadow work, light work, etc. And explore what fits with you spiritually by trying out new spiritual outlets which you find exciting. Make your spiritual practices a part of your daily life. Even if you only have 15 minutes in the am and 15 minutes in the pm - make it a joyful ritual. Anything and everything you do to raise your vibration and keep it raised will determine what types of beings you attract. The higher you are, the higher the beings with which you can communicate. If you are bombarded by lower vibrating beings, these practices will lessen and soon alleviate you being of interest to them. We attract what we are - so if I'm attracting lower vibrating beings - it's time for me to get real about my thoughts and emotions. I go introspective and determine where I can adjust my vibration to elevate out of being harmonic with lower vibrations. I also ask my Team to gently illuminate what makes me harmonic with said experience, and then I ask them to help in any ways needed to assist me in releasing. Or I simply ask them to assist me to raise my frequency and vibration to exist beyond those experiences, while thinking and feeling about what I desire to experience instead.

I know this is a lot to process. Choose whatever methods work for you at whatever time, and with whatever experiences you are encountering. I recommend doing all my tips at least once. I still reaffirm most of them periodically as a part of my personal rituals. Get creative in finding your own methods and practices. Alter my suggestions and see what happens – look for the effect. Use these tips as jumping off points to customize for yourself. Doing that will help you build your own sense of power. Make it a fun game. See the experiences as both a time to play and as challenges for you to expand your mediumship and spiritual repertoire. And as with anything in this world, only do what fits or feels right for you. This is your journey, you are the navigator. So, take initiative and enjoy your mediumship exploration! I am here for questions. If they arise, simply comment below.

I hope you found “You’re A Medium: Tips to Help You Navigate This New World.” useful and informative. Feel free to comment (positively) below or ask any questions you may have. I love interaction! So please share stories about your experiences. I’m also totally open to topic requests for my blog, YouTube channel, and my Facebook page.

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Thank you for reading. So much love to you... See you in the next post!

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