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Beyond Quantum Healing

Hypnosis Sessions

Are an amazing way to gain clarity and balance within yourself and your life. You are whole, recall your soul’s essence with BQH.

Each session is unique and offers exactly what you need right now to expand and thrive.


What can you experience through Beyond Quantum Healing?

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Connect Through BQH Sessions

If you could ask your Guides anything, what would you choose? Your team is ready and waiting to speak with you directly. BQH offers connection with them through contact.

Accept their vast wisdom and knowledge by communicating with them today. Book a FREE BQH Discovery Session!

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Guidance Through BQH Sessions

What would you say if I told you there’s a way to receive answers to all of your questions about life and spirituality?

Your Higher Self is ready to help with all of your interests and needs. Make a list of questions and book your FREE BQH Discovery Session today!

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Explore Through BQH Sessions

Are you curious about how your past, concurrent, and future lives can assist you in your life right now? Each life holds keys which are accessible through BQH sessions.

Find out how you can use them to enhance your daily living. Book your FREE BQH Discovery Session today!

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Heal Through BQH Sessions

Does your life feel painful, difficult, and heavy? If you’re ready to free yourself, BQH can help.

Your healing team can assist you with all your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs. Give yourself the gift of thriving in life. Book your FREE BQH Discovery Session today!

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Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions with Bridget

In this amazing time of transformation and growth, BQH is a gift. We all love clarity and guidance because it makes life easier.

BQH can help you remember who you are as a soul while assisting with life’s current circumstances.


I’d love to assist on your journey to remember your wholeness.

Let’s connect through your FREE Beyond Quantum Healing Discovery Session. We’ll talk and determine if BQH is a good fit for you and your current needs.


Hi! I’m Bridget Renee Holliday - a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner.


I’ve witnessed the amazing and transformational experiences these sessions offer. Each journey is unique and holds keys to living a more balanced, meaningful life.

If you’re looking to connect, for guidance, to explore, or to heal - BQH is a great opportunity.

Through hypnosis I can help you unlock the door to access your truths, potential, and history. As if that isn’t amazing enough, your daily life is also enhanced from what you gain in your session because you can carry all of it into your present moments… Into the now.

I’m so excited to guide you on your hypnosis journey. Book your FREE Beyond Quantum Healing Discovery Session today. Let’s uncover your keys together!