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Booking a Beyond Quantum Healing session (BQH).

I am a certified and practiced Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner. I offer online and in-person sessions.

A 15-30 minute Discovery Session must be completed before the first BQH session is booked. This gives us time to explore if we are a good fit for a session together, why you are seeking a session, and offers a little time to explore.

For those of you who wish to book follow-up or tune-up sessions, please feel free to Contact Me for a direct scheduling link or to determine if you need another Discovery Session (rare, but can occur).

Online sessions are a great way to experience BQH hypnosis. Energy knows no boundaries and I find that the connection is just as strong and successful, when done remotely. They’re also quite convenient as you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home. There are some technology requirements for this type of session that are non-negotiable. Please review the BQH Technology Requirements page for more details.

In-person sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home if you live in the Miami, Florida area. In-person sessions at hotels are also available, if you prefer to provide a room that is suitable for our session. Expect additional travel charges that are based on your location’s distance from my home that range from $50-$100 for all in-person sessions in Florida.

If you live outside Miami in another distant city or state and wish to arrange for travel, expenses, and hotel accommodations, additional to the session cost - this too can be considered.

BQH sessions can last for 3-5 hours.
Online Sessions: $300.
In-person Sessions: $300, plus a travel charge based on your location within the DFW metroplex.

The average BQH session ranges from $300-$500. I choose to keep my sessions at an affordable rate. My intention is to give more people the opportunity to have this amazing, transformational experience. If you desire to give once your session is complete — donations are welcome and received with deep gratitude and appreciation. To make a donation, use the Donations drop down (found at the top of this site on the far right).

Remember to clear your schedule before and after the BQH session. Meditation or calming walks in nature are encouraged before your session. Once your session is complete, you will likely need time to ground and process.

It is encouraged to opt to publicly share important, wise, and valuable information received during your session. This information is of high service, and can assist so many other people as well. If your heart is open to and resonant with this type of service, use the booking intake form to select the option with which you’re most comfortable. You can allow me to transcribe the important information and read it aloud as a story, maintaining your privacy. Or you can give me permission to use your audio or video.

Of course, any information you deem private or confidential will be omitted upon request, even if you select the option to release and share your audio or video. This discussion will occur after your session if you have made that selection on the booking intake form.

Above all, this decision is yours to make and will be honored and respected in any case. Feel no pressure. There is only love here. This is a judgment-free space.

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