Hi! I’m Bridget. I’m an Energy Healer.

I have assisted many people over the years to become healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let me help you feel better too.

So often I see people suffering and living with lingering hardships in their lives.

In this new age, we don’t have to live like this anymore. It’s time to heal and set yourself free. I’m here and am willing to assist with this process.

If you’re looking for help and healing, you’ve come to the right person.

How this works…

In my world, you are the healer and the healed.

As your practitioner, my role is layered. I am a conduit and channel for full-spectrum healing frequencies (energies). I also utilize my gifts and techniques as I ‘hold space’ for your needs to be realized and best outcomes achieved.

To understand full-spectrum energies you can think of a rainbow. These energies would be like all of the colors in the rainbow, plus colors you have yet to find. (As an example, Reiki would be violet and is included in the spectrum of healing energies of which I am a conduit and channel.)

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Healing takes place at the source of your pain.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages can cause ailments, dis-ease, and deep suffering.

They cannot exist within the high vibration frequencies of which I am a channel and conduit.

You are more than just your conscious mind. You’ve heard of your subconscious mind and your soul.

Your high self or higher self is when you are able to express your soul’s light at the personality level. It is thought to be an elevated version of your subconscious mind.

The high self is the part of you that is connected to your soul and what is best for you.

The soul is constantly communicating with you through your high self. Though depending on your level of awareness, you may or may not be aware of the communications.

During a session with me, your high self and soul ensure that you are harmonious with the high energies with which I work. These frequencies are used to transmute and balance your systems.

These are fancy ways to say that I connect with and give you energies that your wisest self knows exactly how to use. I utilize my gifts and techniques based on cues your high self and soul offer. We work together to heal the source of your pain, suffering, and heaviness.

That’s right! You don’t even have to be aware of exactly what you need nor how to remedy your situations. You simply have to maintain a willingness to release what no longer serves you.

Everyone receives exactly what they need from a session.

The high, intelligent, and wise aspects of you know exactly what you need in this life.

It is these parts of you who guide the healing session and utilize the intelligence of the healing energies to deliver just that - what you need.

For some that is healing. Others experience ‘coming online’ spiritually in new and exciting ways. While many experience a combination of these things.

I follow the cues your high self and soul offer.

I am a channel and conduit who bows to the highest wisdom and knowledge that your high self and soul holds. Your soul is seen as an infinite being having a human experience. Therefore, you know best.

These parts of you know exactly what you require in all moments of your life. I communicate with these aspects and use my gifts and techniques to facilitate the healing.

Whether conscious of this or not - you always hold the keys to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and expansion. Merging, even briefly, with this soul knowledge can allow you to flourish within your life.

What can you experience through Energy Healing?

Physical Healing

What does life look and feel like without perpetual pain?
Energy healing assist in the relief of physical ailments.

Are you ready to step into a life that is liberated from the burden of pain? Book an Energy Healing Session!

Mental Healing

How does life feel without constant stress and anxiety?
Energy healing can offer the peace you so deeply desire.

Will you give yourself the gift of freeing your mind? Book your Energy Healing Session today!

Emotional Healing

What does it feel like to have healthy emotions?
Energy healing helps ease depression, grief, and anger.

Will you gift yourself the promise of hope and happiness? Book your Energy Healing Session today!

Spiritual Healing

How will your life change with flow, purpose, and clarity?
Energy healing helps release limitations and blockages.

Are you ready to clear your path and claim your best life? Book your Energy Healing Session today!

Energy knows no boundaries… Space and time are not factors.

Other than your appointment time with me, of course!

Energy can reach across the globe at the speed of a thought and do so with the same effectiveness as if sitting together. This means you are able to experience your session from the comfort of your home - wherever that may be!

Sessions are conveniently 30-minutes in length. They can even be done on a lunch break. All you need is a quiet place to sit or lie down and relax.

All sessions are done via Skype call. There’s no video involved, so you can literally be in your pajamas and no one would know.

Each Energy Healing session is $50. However, if you sign up below to be notified of future discounts, events, and the occasional update - you will receive a code for $10 off. The great thing is that you can use that code as you book today. It’s a special gift for those of you who are ready to heal!

People note the following after a Energy Healing Session:

• Relaxation
• Reduced stress
• Feeling centered
• Being balanced
• Focused
• Released blockages
• Relief of ailments
• Absence of pain
• Reduction of pain
• Ability to feel clearly

• Increased energy flow
• Feeling recharged
• Enhanced intuition
• Knowing next best steps
• Balanced chakras
• Cleared meridian lines
• Energetic upgrades
• Light body activations
• Feeling lighter
• An open heart

Practice good energetic hygiene.

In this new age of awakening, everyone is learning new and healthier ways to live. This means shedding outdated methods and adopting fresh perspectives and techniques.

During these transitions, it is only natural that you will unintentionally affect the balance of your systems. It is in those times that energy healing is exactly what you need.

It offers a way to renew and reset to your new and better normal. Clearing out old energy and patterns allows your growth and expansion to be the focus.

Energy healing can be thought of as maintenance and good hygiene. It is comparable to getting regular massages, going to the chiropractor, and yes - even getting haircuts. Why wouldn’t your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health be as important as those things?

Everything and everyone is energy and frequency. When there are imbalances or blockages in a person's energy fields, energy does not flow freely and smoothly. As a result, life can seem difficult, heavy, and limited - painful even.

Energy healing reconnects and clears the energy pathways and enhances the original energy systems - allowing you to thrive in life. This enables you to live the life you so deeply desire.

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Support your new health.

You are an amazing creator which can be in your favor if you’re designing your life with intention and awareness.

After your session, support the healing that happens by reprogramming your outdated thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Make an effort to adjust to the changes offered from the session. Be mindful that they are better for you than your ‘old ways’.

Let go of what is ready to be released.

It is highly recommended to pay attention to all memories, thoughts, and emotions that arise in the hours and weeks after your session. These things come to the surface of your consciousness for you to heal and/or confirm they are no longer needed, then release them. This is one way you can maintain the new health and flow you have.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Another way is to alter behaviors and responses that are not healthy for you. For the best results, use your session as a jumping off point to make changes in yourself that you know have been a long time coming.

It is possible to experience setbacks if you’re creating without awareness. Strong beliefs and unconscious desires to hold onto old patterning can bring symptoms back. Instead of clinging to what is comfortable, release it and embrace the new, healthier you!

Follow your intuition.

Just as that happens, you may also receive new or strong guidance and nudges to make positive changes in your life. If these new options light your heart up and fill you with joy - you might want to try them out!

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Energy Healing Sessions

In this amazing time of transformation and growth, Energy Healing is a gift. We are all learning new and healthy ways to live. It is only natural that we will unintentionally affect the balance of our fields as we evolve within these new paradigms.

As this is the case for many people, Energy Healing can be thought of as practicing good energetic hygiene. It can be beneficial to get periodic "tune-ups".


I’d love to assist on your journey to heal and remember your wholeness. I’m ready whenever you are!

Let’s connect through your Energy Healing Session. I know you’re ready to feel better. The price is great. There’s no need to wait anymore. It’s time. Choose to invest in your wellness. Book your session today. You don’t have to do this alone. I am ready and waiting to support you.


Just a handful of Testimonials…

“I suffered from low energy, headaches, and overall feeling bad. Nothing diagnosed, but it was bad enough to make me lay down. Booked with Bridget at about a six. Healing brought it to a zero. Thank you Bridget for helping me out with this.”

- David, Texas

“I want to give you an example of Bridget’s healing abilities to navigate areas that we haven’t even began to explore.

Bridget held space for me and gave me healing energy when my aorta blood vessel in my heart ruptured. She also was a mediator and went to the Ascended Masters and asked for Grace on my behalf. I am living proof of Bridget’s healing abilities and connection to the other realms.

This was a life or death situation. I had only a few hours to live. I am a witness and survivor through this healing experience because I believed it was possible and was ready to receive it. Through this, I was granted life. I am a miracle.

I believe this is an extreme incident that occurred to show people God’s grace through the assistance of others. There isn’t any healing too small or too large. Allow Bridget the opportunity to guide, help, and direct you so that you may be healed.”

- Mary (Mom), Texas

“I was recovering from pneumonia and experiencing breathing issues. Over a series of sessions, she worked with me to alleviate the issues. My lungs are clear and strong and I don't have to use my inhaler anymore. Bridget's the real deal.”

- Scott, Texas

“Some people would consider this kind of thing hokey. I would have thought that a long time ago, until I met Bridget. I’ve changed my opinion on that and I would say, it’s definitely something to try.

It has helped my husband who’s had many different health situations over the past couple of years, some very serious. Bridget heals him each time there is a new situation due to his autoimmune disease. He feels better after each time she works with him. I notice a difference. I notice that he feels better.

I recommend working with Bridget. You should definitely try energy healing with her.”

- Kay, Florida

“I've used Bridget's services for tooth pain. As far as pain goes, it was probably a 7. Within 15 mins the pain was down to a 0-1 which allowed me not to have to take Advil for the pain. The tooth pain didn't return.

I would recommend Bridget for all of your healing needs. She's made me a believer.”

- S.D.N., Texas

Another important message from Bridget.

Your health and well-being are a priority for me. Please treat yourself with care. If you are ill or injured - go to the doctor. If you are experiencing a life-threatening situation, go to the hospital.

Though I am an Energy Healing Practitioner, I am not a medical professional and my services should not be substituted for needed medical care.

I am happy to assist you with your healing needs, but desire to do so in ways that are supportive and beneficial. I believe in working with modern medicine to achieve health and wholeness. Let’s be responsible and safe. Blessings of unconditional love!

Each session is different and you will receive exactly what you need. Bridget will always show up and give you her best. That said, results do vary and cannot be guaranteed.

Energy healing is effective and often offers amazing results. Please note, Bridget Renee Holliday is not a physician. We do not encourage or condone Energy Healing as a replacement for modern medicine.

If you are experiencing a dangerous or life threatening situation, seek medical attention immediately. Always consult your physician when physical, mental, and emotional issues arise. Energy healing is not a substitution for medical attention.