My purpose on this beautiful planet is to help you open, awaken and expand. That can take many forms depending on where you are in your life. My Guides and I provide topics we feel are relevant to those of you who are just starting out, and for some of you who are already in the depths of your journey. Enjoy these few blog excerpts and my Instagram Insights!!


Vision Of The Future: Soul's Purpose

Have you ever wondered how the world would be if we were able to relate to one another through positivity and feeling connected? Ever dreamt about a utopian version of Earth? Well, you’re in luck! I received two visions and a download about the possibility of these realities. And you’ll be surprised to know… That even though we are currently experiencing so much polarity and witnessing such human on human, and human on nature horrors… The people of Earth have a potential path (with a high probability), for achieving such a beautiful existence. And yes, amazingly enough, this potential path can occur within our lifetime. 

Meditation Tips And Tricks

So you want to meditate? It sounds easy, right? Then you try it… and a three ring circus moves into your mind and takes over. lol If this sounds about right, I’m here to lend a helping hand. Meditation can be fun, relaxing and illuminating. I’ll give you my tips and tricks to subdue the “monkey” that hangs out in your brain. And I’ll help you look at the entire experience from a new angle. So here’s my meditation experiences and advice for all of you beautiful meditation novices:

Guides 101

Guides, guides, guides!! 

They are one of my favorite topics of conversation. Mainly because I love my guides immensely and assisting others in finding theirs, tickles me a little on the inside. (I’m talking about feeling joy, people. lol) 

I cannot tell you how many times over the years I’ve been asked about guides (so many!). I’ve narrowed the inquiries down to four questions we’ll begin with, which are: 

Who are guides? 

Do I have guides? 

What can guides do for me? 

How do I meet and connect with my guides?

So, let’s get started!