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Preparing for your session

List of Questions

Prior to your session, prepare a list of questions and/or concerns you want to ask your "Higher Self". Please bring it with you to your session. Please type them out or write neatly. These questions should be about you and your journey (not anybody else's). Start with the most important questions first and try to limit your questions to up to 12. There are many reasons why a person seeks a BQH session - health, relationships, career, or life purpose-related, curiosity. There are also people who seek answers to questions regarding the new Earth, ascension, shifting frequencies, Universal and metaphysical-related. Here are a few categories and example questions you may want to consider:


What is my purpose? How can I get on the path of my highest purpose?
Should I move locations? Where to?
May I receive some insight on a spiritual experience/dream/contact/etc?


Am I currently with the right person?
Why do I have such a difficult relationship with a family member (mother, father, sibling, etc.)?
What is the purpose of [name]'s relationship in my life?


Am I on the right path regarding my career?
What should I be doing as my career?

Should I quit my job?
I am having creative blocks - what can I do to get past them?


I have a health condition (allergy, illness, pain, injury) - why do I have this and does it serve a purpose? Can it be healed?
What should my diet look like?
What is preventing me from losing or gaining weight?
Why am I having allergic reactions to certain foods? Can this be healed?


Set a Clear Intention

Once you have scheduled a session, begin preparing yourself by setting your intention to have a successful session. The moment you take the step towards receiving a Past Life Regression and communication with your Higher Self, the greater part of you begins to open you up so that you have the best experience possible. Receive the energies, questions and thoughts that come to you. Say to yourself:


Understanding that the greater part of you exists within you, not separate from you. This understanding makes connecting with your higher aspect easier - therefore making communication with it during the session flow freely.

Spend time connecting with your highest vibrational thoughts (they usually come from your Higher Self!), doing inner reflection work, and journaling your dreams. Reflect on the reasons why you’ve decided to have this session (Health related? Relationships related? Life path related? and/or Spiritually related?).

Energy is Everything — Relax and Meditate

On the day of your session: upon waking up and right before your session, take a few moments to relax and quiet the mind and/or meditate. I recommend that you take a short walk or spend some time in nature before your session to ground yourself, relax, and open your heart and mind. You can also sit and do some breathing exercises, and/or light yoga and stretches.

Meditate upon your intentions:


Your energy, frequency and vibration are very important the day of and days leading up to your session, so be sure to carve out some alone time for you to connect to yourself, your energy and your intentions for your session.

If you'd like to bring along a few of your own crystals to your session, feel free to do so.

Leave Expectations at the Door

Every session is as unique as the individual having it. Allow your Higher Self to take you on your journey, letting you know everything you need to know. Allow your experience to happen exactly as it is meant to happen, with no expectations. Be open to receiving anything that comes your way, and relax into the experience. In this line of work, it is better not to have expectations and instead just allow what is meant to happen, to happen. All answers come from within. Your Higher Self or Soul Self is within you. Or more accurately: you and your conscious mind exist within that Higher Aspect, not separate from it. Just go with the flow of the journey!

With that said, there are many clients who have watched YouTube videos or testimonials about other people's experiences. Please do not come into your session with the expectation of having the same experience as another client. As stated, each session is as unique as the individual having it, and is experienced in the way that you need to experience it for your highest good.

Here are a few specific "expectations" that you should leave at the door.

  1. Healing. All healing that takes place in your session is Self-Healing. Practitioners only provide the space and opportunity for the client to heal themselves. Practitioners do not do any healing on you. Any energy work that occurs is integrated to the extent that you are open, willing and able to integrate into your own being.

  2. Hypnosis. Although this technique is called "hypnosis", it is not regarded as "hypnosis" in the usual, programmed sense (i.e. when people quack like a duck on stage) or clinical sense. For people who think they "cannot be hypnotized", please consider that this style of "hypnosis" is more like a metaphysical and spiritual connection for the client, rather than entertainment or clinical hypnosis. Having a session offers you the space for you to relax into a natural connection to your Spirit Team and Higher Self, and anyone can do this, as it is your birthright.

  3. States of Hypnosis. Not everyone — and rarely anyone nowadays — goes to the somnambulistic states of trance in a session. This is because the energy, frequency and vibration of the planet and of our individual bodies have risen to the point where we can access and "tap into" our Higher Self, Akashic Records, Spirit Realm and intuition more easily. Most clients usually go to the Alpha or deep Alpha states of consciousness, which is a state in which you are still fully aware and conscious, but in a deeply relaxed and "meditative" state (think daydreaming, auto-pilot driving, or getting lost in a book or movie). Understand that although you are fully aware and conscious of the experience, you are still very deep on a trance level. Many clients come out of their sessions surprised at how far deep they were even though they were aware through it all.

  4. Ego. For those of you who think that you cannot put your ego on the side, we will discuss how your ego actually serves you throughout your session. It is working with the Higher Self to translate experiences and information into a package for you to easily process and understand. Of course, the way the ego does not serve is when you have thoughts of doubt, fear or anxiety. It works with you when you make the intention. So if you believe you cannot have a successful session, your ego will work with you to make that happen. If you believe you will have a successful session and will receive all the answers you are seeking, your ego will work with you to make that happen. This is also why the next point is so important:

  5. Meditation. Although you don't need to know how to meditate, it's important to take some time before your session to practice quieting the mind. This will help you to connect to your Higher Self and align your energy with the intentions for your session. This will also help you to get to know your ego and what roles it plays for you when you experience quieting your mind. Do you find your thoughts drifting? Do you find it easy to quiet your mind? Do you find yourself overthinking? Pay attention and make intentions with your ego.

  6. Intake of Information. Some people believe that they cannot visualize. However, there are many ways in which a person takes in information during their session. Some people do not get very clear visualizations, but they get a clear sense of "knowing" or "feeling". For example, they may not "see" that they are at a beach, but when asked, they "feel" or "know" that they are at a beach. Do not block yourself by jumping to the conclusion that you are unable to visualize or receive information. I have had clients come in thinking they cannot visualize, and are very surprised to experience very clear visuals or other ways to receive information when they are under the trance state.