Bridget has the ability to see beyond...”

Bridget has the ability to see beyond and connect with her guides, and yours, to bring you messages and assistance for a happier life. I have been lucky to experience her gift and guidance, which has helped me through rocky places on my path.

— R.P.

“With Bridget's guidance, I persevered.”

Early in my marriage I hit a rocky place with my spouse. One of those moments that many couples hit in the first couple years of marriage. The make or break it moments. Even our marriage counselor told us to give up and call it quits. With Bridget's guidance, I persevered. And today I am still married to the same wonderful man and more in love than the day I met him.

— Lucky in Love

"I am so happy to have her on my journey."

I have been working with Bridget for several months now. She is love personified. Her voice is love. She has a way of putting my mind at ease. She is beyond patient. I have been stuck on the same issue now for a couple of months. And even though it is the same thing, different way, different day - she will listen yet again. And walk me through it, yet again, but in a different way so I can better understand it. She is amazing and I am so happy to have her on my journey. I cannot imagine what I would do without her, her guidance and advice. She is amazing. She is extremely gifted. She is a beacon and she is here to help us all on our journey, enlightenment. I always feel lighter and at ease, so much happier after our session time together. I cannot recommend her enough.

— A.E.


“I'm grateful for having her by my side.”

Bridget and her guides sat with me all day while my husband was in surgery to remove cancer. She surrounded the doctors and nurses with reiki, love and light. It was the longest day of my life and I'm grateful for having her by my side. I'm happy to say that my husband is healthy and cancer-free for many years now.

— C.L.P.


My sessions with Bridget helped me understand my own personal power. I can manage my empathic abilities. I enjoy my visions because she taught me how they work and how I can direct where that gift points. I am grateful for everything she taught me. My life is much simpler now. My time with Bridget is, Unforgettable.

— P.V.


“She can see into my soul.”

I have structured a good life for myself. My career affords me a comfortable life. In recent years I am looking for something more, deeper. I came to Bridget seeking spiritual knowledge and growth. Her insights and knowledge are plentiful. Every session opened my eyes. My understanding of the energy world and my place within the cosmos deepened. Her ability to see into me and my life amazes me. I think she sees into my soul. If you are on a quest of enlightenment spend some time with her. A month or two with Bridget can open up your world. It is well worth the money.

— K.D.

“Her guidance is clear and impactful!”

After one session with Bridget I quickly bought the package. Five sessions changed my life. Her guidance is clear and impactful. I recommend her to anyone. I felt stuck in life but wanted more than to live in my past. She brought clarity to my emotional pain by teaching me that I could stop living in it. She gave me clear directions to move forward without those habits. I understand how this works finally. I‘m happier than I've ever been. I feel free. I wake up everyday excited to live life. Thank you Bridget! 

— J.O.