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The Meditation Experience

The online TME is temporarily on hold.

This is a live, group meditation event. Each new Experience will offer a featured meditation.

All meditations are verbally and energetically guided and channeled by me, Bridget Renee Holliday. Each experience is hosted and encoded by our Soul Team of angels, ascended masters, higher guides-ancestors, and star family.

The Meditation Experience is a live, online event, with a recorded meditation, and live coaching.

$25 per person, includes:

  • Live chat to discuss meditation tips and advice.

  • A 30-45 minute, recorded, guided meditation.

  • Up to one hour of live, meditation coaching for the group. The coaching will occur on a first to volunteer basis - you have the opportunity to volunteer during the event. Its the perfect opportunity to discuss your meditation experiences with me, a Meditation Coach and Spiritual Life Coach. These conversations will begin to unpack and decode the keys offered during your meditation. All you have to do is commit to the meditation, share your experiences to the best of your abilities, and openly discuss them. Easy, exciting, and fun!

  • Access to the replay for five days after the event.

(**Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the technology requirements to attend these events.)

I find that meditation always offers keys to your soul's purpose, a deeper understanding of who you are at a soul level, and assistance with moving beyond anything that is holding you back from embracing your fullest potential. I also find that I intuit and see the keys to assist you when it’s helpful. And... Like dreams, it is best to unpack and decode your experiences directly after you meditate. So this will be perfect for those of you who are drawn to the experience!

Each meditation is hosted by our Soul Teams of angels, ascended masters, higher guides-ancestors, and star family. This is to ensure The Meditation Experience offers the highest and best as we co-create in this collective, unity state.

Backstory: For about a year now, I have been hosting a similar, private event. It has brought amazing growth, healing, expansion, and clarity of purpose for all of us. I am so grateful for each of these beautiful people and the roles they have played in this event's creation!

It's no surprise that our Soul Team has had this event planned the entire time. lol  So when I was searching for the next thing I could do to serve - they brought forward the idea and plan for The Meditation Experience. This is why I have intentionally designed it to be highly affordable and easy to attend. I want each and every one of you beautiful, creator beings to be able to co-create this amazing experience in a casual, relaxed, and easy manner.

The participants of the private event I am already hosting experience some amazing things while we co-create in this way. Our tribe bond is deep! Plus they have each successfully met and developed relationships with their guides, angels, and are working with their higher selves. This is why my Soul Team has suggested The Meditation Experience to begin with the meditation that opened and expanded their Soul Team connections. We want to give the gift of connecting with your Soul Team to each and every human on the planet... And we hope to start with you! 

Some other amazing things our group has experienced: Meditation healing sessions during which we release trapped emotions and other energetic baggage we've adopted over the years. This is followed by reprogramming for a smooth rebirth. Direct communication about our soul's purpose and mission along with practical advice to guide us and help us remain in the flow. There have been many spirit journeys throughout the cosmos, exploring our multidimensional, cosmic connections with other worlds and beings. We have a lot of star energy in our group. The trips to Sirius have been endless - lol - this group has a deep Sirius connection. Light body activations... Energetic upgrades courtesy of the Arcturians and the crystalline city of light. Collective consciousness reprogramming, and unconditional love and unity activations. And so... much... more... Excited yet?! 

From my experience meditation is fun! For years now it's been a series of great adventures, as I'm often guided on spirit journeys and experience the multidimensional, quantum nature of who we are as beings. I'm thoroughly excited about sharing these adventures with you beautiful co-creators!

If you're here, you're meant to be here. If you're interested in the things I've mentioned above, these beautifully expansive and healing meditations, register below for The Meditation Experience. You'll receive these experiences plus many more amazing meditation gifts, that our Soul Teams have waiting in the wings! 

Special Note: After you pay with PayPal, you should be redirected back to the registration page. PayPal sometimes does not follow through on this task. You will not receive the event link and your unique password via email if you do not complete registration. Please email me immediately if PayPal doesn't send you back to registration and I will happily send you the registration link after confirming your payment.

Technology to use when you attend:

  • Set up Chrome on your pc or laptop as it provides a smooth experience.

  • Make sure you have a strong connection, plugging in an Ethernet cable is suggested.

  • Get ready to use your webcams (webcams are required for the coaching time as it enables us to speak face to face).

  • Grab your headphones with microphones (headphones with microphones are required to participate).

  • Have a comfy spot to sit as you meditate near your computer - it could be a desk chair. lol

Special Note: If you use your phone you will not have access to be seen, nor to raise your hand to speak. You will be able to live chat, but there is a 30-second delay - both ways. On phones you will also likely experience choppy lag, disconnections, and other annoying glitches. I do not suggest that you use a phone for these events. If you’re unequipped with the required technology, see if someone you know will let you borrow a laptop with a webcam and a headset with a microphone. Trust me when I warn you that the use of a phone offers a bad experience for both of us.

Now that that’s out of the way… Let's co-create some beautiful meditation experiences!!