Guides 101

Guides, guides, guides!! They are one of my favorite topics of conversation. Mainly because I love my guides immensely and assisting others in finding theirs, tickles me a little on the inside. (I’m talking about feeling joy, people. lol) 

I cannot tell you how many times over the years I’ve been asked about guides (so many!). I’ve narrowed the inquiries down to four questions we’ll begin with, which are: 

Who are guides? 

Do I have guides? 

What can guides do for me? 

How do I meet and connect with my guides?

So, let’s get started!


Spirit Journeys

I adore spirit journeys! I’ll share the first (of two) today, which occurred during consecutive guided meditations. I love guided meditations for the very reason that I often journey on them. Journeying is fun! For me, it’s a similar experience to astral projection. The colors are amazing, like neon on steroids. lol They look and feel alive, which is very different than how they are here on Earth. During these journeys I receive answers and information about who I am, our interconnectedness, spiritual concepts and how the universe works. Sometimes my guides take me on them and other times I experience them on my own. The two journeys I will share with you, were a bit of both. 


Vision Of The Future: Soul's Purpose

Have you ever wondered how the world would be if we were able to relate to one another through positivity and feeling connected? Ever dreamt about a utopian version of Earth? Well, you’re in luck! I received two visions and a download about the possibility of these realities. And you’ll be surprised to know… That even though we are currently experiencing so much polarity and witnessing such human on human, and human on nature horrors… The people of Earth have a potential path (with a high probability), for achieving such a beautiful existence. And yes, amazingly enough, this potential path can occur within our lifetime.


Calling All Light Workers

This is a call to action!

For all of the expanding and newly awakened souls out there - now is the time to act. Every action you take towards elevating your vibration and serving your purpose is important.

You are here for a reason, find it, and offer it openly to the world.

This time is all about elevating ourselves and the collective energies. So, have fun… Live in love… Spread joy… Always share your truths from your heart.

Your life holds great purpose and each life touched offers a step closer to the loving, high vibe world we’re all here to create!


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