Hi. I'm Bridget. I’m a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, Energy Healer, Spiritual Ascension Mentor, and a Meditation Coach.

Reiki attuned and a Multidimensional Energy healer, I love to work with energy, frequency, and vibration — especially when it comes to healing and consciousness expansion. I also have a passion for ascension and enlightenment. I love writing, reading oracle cards, expanding my consciousness, meditating, exploring our multidimensional and quantum nature, dancing, laughing with friends and family, playing in nature, embracing my magical-mystical side, and talking with angels, guides, star family… and all other higher beings who are here to help us.

My mission in this life is to assist as many people as possible to open, awaken, and expand so they can thrive in a life that is perfectly aligned with their soul’s mission. I thoroughly love what I do for a living and being in service to all of you! Thank you for co-creating with me. It’s beautiful to live my purpose. I am deeply grateful for each of you.

All my life I have been an intuitive, starseed, and a medium. My earliest mystical memories are at two years old. They are of interacting with angels regularly, and viewing into people to observe what they were carrying that was not of their true energy. Happily, I still retain and utilize these aspects in my work.

A lifetime of mystical, metaphysical, and multidimensional experiences have driven me toward extensive spiritual exploration. I am a knowledge and wisdom seeker at heart. Because of this, I receive many insights, visions, downloads, and experiences that originate from a stream of endless questions. It is this curiosity and zest for knowledge and wisdom that led me to channeling. Upon learning to channel, I realized that I have been channeling in one form or another for most of my life. For me personally, the objectives are always expansion, enlightenment, and ascension. I enjoy navigating this life in a way that is grounded and strongly supports a higher vibrating existence. Though admittedly, the grounded aspect has been a rather recent inclusion in the span of my life. lol

Life paths and soul missions are very interesting to me. I have a strong understanding that we are already whole and I approach my life and service from this perception. When in conversations, I find that I naturally intuit where a person wants to go in their life, versus where they are now. I am able to view potential paths. I can also see past experiences where they retained things that aren't of their true energy, how it is pertinent to where they are now, and what needs to happen to release or transmute these blockages, contracts or beliefs. That is when our friends on the other side join in the fun.

As a channel and medium, I communicate with those who have crossed over, etheric beings, beings of light, higher and master guides, angels, ascended masters, star family, ancestors, and everything in between. I call this group of amazing beings my Soul Team (Spirit-plus). We work together with my client’s Soul Team to determine what they truly need to experience, in and beyond their session. The goals are always to give you the most growth momentum while directing you toward your next steps along your paths. Naturally, this means that the majority of my Transformation sessions have a strong mentoring and coaching tones. And often, our Guides will offer exercises and daily practices to assist in the expansion process. I am a seeker of wisdom and knowledge and have received so much information over the years to share with you.

As a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, I utilize my deep connection to spirit and my dialed-in intuitive nature to assist people to expand during communication with their higher self, guides, and anyone else on their team who desires to assist them.

The Multidimensional Energy Healing that I embody is involved when helpful during the healing portion of your BQH session.

These experiences are amazing! BQH sessions are one of my very favorite things to facilitate and co-create. They offer direct, clear, guidance and I’ve found that the internal shifts clients experience during their sessions provide clarity, balance, and a sense of well-being.

The connection that is experienced in a session offers a feeling of contentment, peace, and a knowing that they are always supported and never alone — no more feelings of separation.

— As I am consciously quantum and/or multidimensional, I like to request things that will enable clients to receive upgrades, blueprint adjustments, unneeded timelines collapsed while those that align with their purpose are the only ones to reveal themselves, and so much more. lol

I truly love the transformation that every client receives from having a BQH session. Each person’s experience is different, and they always receive exactly what they need in the now — even if they aren’t aware of what those things might be. I can go on and on about BQH, it’s amazing on so many levels!! I highly recommend booking a free BQH Discovery session if this peaks your interest.

As a Meditation Coach, most meditations are done in a conscious, channel format. This means that I receive the visual, extra-sensory information and translate it into a meditation journey for you. These meditations assist you to develop an intimate connection with your Soul Team and your higher self. They also bring deep healing, upgrades, and many consciousness expanding experiences. Most of these meditations have some degree of consciousness travel, or are what I call spirit journeys. They are deeply impactful, highly beneficial… And fun!

My role is all about helping you raise your vibration, connect, and expand your consciousness so you can love yourself unconditionally and find your joy. That's because these states of being lead to the soul's purpose. The goal is to always live your happiest life with the highest potential. That only truly comes when you're living a life that flows with your mission — your reasons to be here.

Whether you are just starting out on your journey, or are a seasoned spiritual adventurer and explorer - it is my role to help provide clarity on where you are right now, and insight as to how you can rise into your next level of consciousness and spiritual growth.

We also focus on how you align yourself into your highest vibration, which leads to your highest potential. All of this is to guide you toward and reveal your soul's purpose so that you can live your dream life that is filled with fulfillment, joy, and happiness.

Book a BQH Hypnosis Session, Transformation Session (Spiritual Awakening Mentoring), Energy Healing (Distance) or a Meditation Session today!

Please contact me if you have questions.