BQH Technology Requirements

(For Online Sessions)

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As you would guess, online sessions require a bit of technology. The majority of people have all, if not most, of the items you will find below. These items are non-negotiable as they enable our session to run smoothly.

List of requirements:

  • A laptop with a webcam (recommended). Or a desktop with a webcam and monitor that are highly mobile and maneuverable.
    ** This equipment must be ready to use, set up in the room where the session will take place before our call. We will adjust positions and angles at the start of the session.

  • Headphones with a microphone. These need to have decent sound and audio quality.

    ** If your laptop or computer will be farther away and you’re using wired earbuds with mic or a headset with mic, you will want an extra long extension cord such as this DuKabel Headphone Extension Cable. Just remember that a newer iPhone will also require the Apple lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack to use this cable.

  • A strong, high speed, internet connection.

  • Skype downloaded and set up on your chosen computer.

All online sessions require these four (to six) things. Please test your equipment and connection prior our session to ensure that everything is ready to go. I suggest that you set up and do the tests the night before you’re booked to avoid possible technology stress the day of your session.